Zanzibar in Black & White.


Zanzibar is a paradise for photographers…
as well as a variety of other people who flock there on holiday.
The most iconic image is that of a Dhow as it makes its way along the coast.
Silhouetted against the sea and sky, it is the epitome of the Zanzibarian economy
How to you get your goods to market if the streets are too narrow for a truck?
This is how.

Sail billowing in the wind, this Dhow head off to…

The pilings under the Floating Restaurant in Stone Town

Swimmers in the water…
At night, all the Dhows seem to be heading in a similar direction

Most people photograph to huge carved doors in Stone Town.
I chose to “focus” on the windows

Two Dhows…
I wonder what the plural is?
Fleet? That sounds too banal…it surely needs a more exotic “twist”.

The aforementioned doors…or a portion thereof.

The moon over Stone Town.

Aside form the Dhow,
the locals also use these for fishing.

A portion of the Mangrove Lagoon that we investigated
during our outing with Safari Blue.

Done for the day?
Or awaiting the owner?
I will never know…

One of the students at the primary school we visited
in Jambiani Cultural Village

Aside from the ubiquitous scooter,
the humble bicycle is the second most popular form of transport
in Stone Town

The East coast of Zanzibar is spectacular.
Is this a bridge too far?
Or just one that goes nowhere…

At low tide these dugout canoes are left almost high and dry

Looking for a meal…
or just having some fun with a stick?

From the gates of the House of Wonders in Stone Town.
This heritage building has fallen on hard times and is awaiting
a sponsor to help with a major refurbishment.

Some school girls heading homeward.

Goodbye to this wonderful island.
Thank you to all who made the stay a memorable one.

We spent a full day with this company,
Dhow “cruise”, dolphin spotting and lunch on an island!
We spent most of our time in Zanzibar at this hotel.
In the heart of Stone Town, it has “quirky” decor,
great food,wonderful views and very friendly staff
We enjoyed two meals at this hotel.
A sister hotel to the one that we stayed at.
But a totally different style.

We used this company to organize
the tours that we did during our stay.
Highly recommended.

Our final night in Zanzibar was spent
at this awesome hotel.

For getting around Zanzibar,
we used this transfer company.

Images on this trip were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
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