Wandering and wondering in the Western Cape.


We had an enjoyable flight from Johannesburg…
Good flying weather and a fun airline.

Look who was at the Cape Town International Airport to welcome me!
Not only that, but she was prepared to carry my Samsonite suitcase.
Many thanks Madam Mayor…

I am staying at the Vineyard Hotel & Spa in Newlands,
not a part of Cape Town I know well at all.
My accommodation is a rather eclectic mix of styles,
that might be seen as contemporary.
Whatever the designer actually had in mind works
as a cohesive whole and culminates in a really comfortable bed.

The view of the courtyard from my room.
The hotel is divided in such a way that guests can enjoy
three different views, depending on which room they stay in

My “breakfast-of-champions”.
This hotel offers the best breakfast buffet I have ever enjoyed.
I defy ANYONE to leave the breakfast room hungry.

Looking back at the old part of the hotel from beside the fountain.
But enough of the hotel…for now, it was time to head off to Kalk Bay

The Trading Post in the old Kalk Bay post office.
A must visit destination every time I come to Cape Town.
I have yet to purchase anything, but one day I will.

Just in case you did not understand the sign…

Perhaps that sign it to make certain that grubby little hands
are kept off these.

Railway lines always make me hanker for a train ride.
But no time for that today

Kalk Bay harbour on a clear and calm day

Something I have NOT seen before,
fish drying in the sun.

If you have never eaten here, then you should.
If you have, then you know that a return is inevitable

The sea wall…looking out towards Cape Point

Home safe!

I suppose that the cigarette ash might add extra flavour to the fish

Tied up…
I wonder if there is a Cape Fish 2?

I found this artist sitting quietly sketching.

This is what he was drawing…
not a vista I had noticed before.
But I suppose that it makes sense to have both a port and starboard light
to guide returning and departing vessels in and out of the harbour

Time to head back to the hotel…
I leave with one final picture of buyers buying,
and sellers selling.
Fresher fish would be hard to find.
I doff my proverbial hats to the “men-who-go-out-in-boats”.
Risking their lives on a daily basis to put money in their pockets,
and food on our plates!

This is Faiz, who did all the paperwork at Cape Town airport.

In my dealings with this company to date
 I have only met with friendly and efficient staff
who have a passion for their customers.
Based on my experiences over the past few months
and in three different cities, I highly recommend them
Europcar, the official car rental supplier
to “Travel & Things”

Images on this trip were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
Travel & Things is written on a

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