Sights from Stone Town, Zanzibar


The market in Stone Town is a wonderful place to experience
the sights and sounds of this vibrant community.
Get there early in the morning, like I did,
and you will be treated to the arrival of the fresh protein.
Fish and meat in quantities not usually seen in a “Western” market.
Because the market is on the road that separates Stone Town from New Town,
there is a lot of traffic and locals making their way to work.

Like most of the African countries I have visited,
Zanzibar makes great pastries and bread!
Most are made out of simple ingredients,
coconut milk, water and usually spiced with cardamon.

Hi ho, hi ho…of to mosque I go.

I did not see much “proper” graffiti,
however, this did catch my eye.

I discovered that the locals believe that the sand on the beach
 has healing properties.
Hence me finding a couple of people buried like this.

During the day, these tiny alleyways are a hive of activity.
In season, it is almost impossible to walk a meter
without being invited into a store to have a look at the wares on sale.
Having been here twice before, I know that the best time
to wander is early in the morning.

That being said…scooters and bicycles are “awake”
as well and tourists need to be aware of them

The doors in Stone Town are well-known world wide.
This particular door has an Indian influence,
with the brass spikes designed to keep elephants away.

Another door, as seen through the window
of the House of Coffees.
If you are looking to buy coffee,
then find your way here.
They have a small roastery in the back,
so that the coffee that you purchase is VERY fresh.
Buying from the “tourist” shops is going to cost
you about $3.00 more per bag.

Something I had not tried before…
A Zanzibar Pizza!
Every evening, a food market sets up in front of the House of Wonders.
Locals and tourists alike eat there.
The food here is inexpensive, but you need to be aware of the hygiene,
especially when it comes to the sea food.
Check out the stalls where the locals are buying,
that is always a good sign

The House of Wonders is the focal point of the foreshore.
Here you can pick up a guide (or they will pick you up),
catch a taxi or just sit and watch the passing parade.

One of the Portuguese canons that were used to protect this building
when it belonged to the Sultan

The House of Wonders has fallen on hard times
and investors are being sought to try and renovate it.
At one stage it was the National Museum, but currently the gates are chained. 

On all my walks, I discovered the locals on their way to school

The Masai are not indigenous to Zanzibar,
but I was told that they do security work in the city.

This is how most of the young girls dress for school

Zanzibar was built on the back of the Slave Trade.
The Old Slave Market is one of the “must visit” tourist attractions.
I say “must visit” as it shows how cruel man is to his own kind.
Even after the trade was abolished, it went underground
and humans continued to be sold.
This sculptural work is a stark reminder of those dreadful days.

A Zanzibar sunset.

Happiness is…
The boats moored just off shore become a playground
for the local children

The view from our window at the Park Hyatt hotel.
Opened in March, 2015, it is one of the newest luxury hotels
in Stone Town
We spent a full day with this company,
Dhow “cruise”, dolphin spotting and lunch on an island!
We spent most of our time in Zanzibar at this hotel.
In the heart of Stone Town, it has “quirky” decor,
great food,wonderful views and very friendly staff
We enjoyed two meals at this hotel.
A sister hotel to the one that we stayed at.
But a totally different style.

We used this company to organize
the tours that we did during our stay.
Highly recommended.

Our final night in Zanzibar was spent
at this awesome hotel.
A return visit for me.

For getting around Zanzibar,
we used this transfer company.
Images on this trip were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
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