People of Zanzibar from my Stone Town walks


The Zanzibari are very friendly towards tourists.
If you visit in the low season, there are many bargains to be had.
Bartering in Stone Town is almost an art form and
many shop owners will engage if the procedure is handled correctly.
It does not hurt to ask for a discount,
and if your offer is refused there are often other shops
that might be more accommodating.
We bought this statue from these sisters at Shop 5 in the Old Fort.
They told us that it was “one-of-a-kind” and was carved by their brother.
We did see similar(but not nearly as nice) at another Art shop,
and there it would have cost us three times the price that we
paid for this “fellow”
We have named him “Emerson”, in honor of the hotel we stayed at.

I am not certain why this group was laughing,
but they seemed to be having a friendly chat.

Waiting for Godot?
Or just an early morning contemplation…

This is NOT one of the locals.
Luckily my wife often agrees to “interesting” poses.

I spent time at the local market, especially in the early morning.
I was usually there as they were opening for business,
before it became too crowded to take pictures.

On the way to school…

There are traders on almost every corner.
They sell a variety of products.

Many of the locals earn a living from the sea.
Especially catching and selling squid.
The boats leave in the evening and are out all night.
My early morning walks found them returning with their catch

Some of the locals…

This school girl was laughing at a shared joke
with one of the shop owners

The beginnings of our Zanzibar Pizza.

All the beaches on the island are open to the public
and in the morning they are used for exercises.
Like this group…

More of the locals, this time coming home from school

Octopus does not get ANY fresher than this

These youngsters were watching as I was taking pictures.

At the market.

Watching as the morning catch is being brought in

Bread anyone?

After a long night fishing,
the boat needs to be tied up securely before heading home.

Casting a giant shadow in a Stone Town alley.
We spent a full day with this company,
Dhow “cruise”, dolphin spotting and lunch on an island!
We spent most of our time in Zanzibar at this hotel.
In the heart of Stone Town, it has “quirky” decor,
great food,wonderful views and very friendly staff
We enjoyed two meals at this hotel.
A sister hotel to the one that we stayed at.
But a totally different style.

We used this company to organize
the tours that we did during our stay.
Highly recommended.

Our final night in Zanzibar was spent
at this awesome hotel.
A return visit for me.

For getting around Zanzibar,
we used this transfer company.
Images on this trip were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
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