An outing with Safari Blue. Fumba,Zanzibar


Our day with Safari Blue started with a drive to Fumba
from our hotel in Stone Town.
We utilized Escapade Zanzibar as our shuttle service of choice.
On time, with great drivers and clean vehicles, they are a pleasure to deal with.

When Safari Blue was started, it only had one dhow,
now it runs a fleet of eight of these iconic island vessels.

For some reason, our crew seem to have nicknames based on WWF wrestlers
This was our captain, “Gold Dust”.

The waters around Zanzibar are crystal clear and almost bath temperature.

As the tide was not in our favour,
we had to save our visit to this sandbank for later in the day.
As we motored past, it was only sea birds that were enjoying this stretch of sand.

Our first “port-of-call”,
a Mangrove Lagoon, where guests can enjoy a swim and a snorkel.
The water in the natural swimming pool are very salty,
allowing visitors to float without the need for any devices 

While guests cool off in the water,
the crew are busy prepping snacks.
Only healthy food served on board.
A variety of fresh fruits(pineapple, watermelon and fresh coconut)
 and a peanut snack that was VERY “more-ish” 

The rock formations in the lagoon are most interesting.
Eroded by the salt water over hundreds of years,
they have individual and diverse shapes 

Dolphin sightings are not guaranteed by Safari Blue,
but if an interaction does occur it is very exciting

Everyone jumped into the water to get a closer look at these mammals.
Well, almost everyone, I had to stay on board to take pictures!

This youngster decided to swim with us for a while.

My wife is not scared to handle critters from the sea.
Here she is holding a harmless jellyfish.
The look on the face of the Swiss guest seems to tell a different story.

All smiles having been in the water with the dolphin pod.

Toss some coconut in the water, and it explodes with these fish.

With the receding tide, we were able to head bank to the sandbank
to spend some time wandering around in the middle of the ocean.

We head towards Kwale Island for a beach lunch.

The crew all get involved in serving this fish feast,

You cannot beat a plate full of fresh seafood.
Still feeling hungry after your first helping?
Well, there is always seconds and perhaps even thirds.

After dolphins, my wife loves Baobab Trees.
After lunch, she was able to climb this one.
Even though it was blown over in a storm, it is still alive and growing.
Albeit horizontally instead of vertically.

Time to relax before heading back to the mainland.
If the prevailing winds allow, the Dhows return under sail.

These were all the guests on our Dhow,
enjoying one last swim before returning to their hotels.
A great day, spent with interesting people, enjoying good food
and stunning dolphin interactions.
A “must do” activity while in Zanzibar,
and easily accessible from whatever part of the island
 you are staying at.
Listen to what owner Eleanor Griplas has to say
about her company and what it offers:
Visit their website for times and costs:

For getting around Zanzibar,
we used this transfer company.
Highly recommended.
Images on this trip were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
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