Samara Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape. And then the rains came…

This was my view on our morning game drive.
One of the drawbacks to sitting in the passenger seat?
The legs belong to Jan, our ranger.
He was using the bonnet as a vantage point to try and track the cheetah.
With NO success I might add.
Tea would have been “taken” in the bush,
but as a result of the downpour, we stayed at the lodge.
From bright blue to overcast and grey in a matter of minutes.
But although it was raining quite heavily,
the temperature remains very warm
On the back porch, looking out.
From the front veranda.
There was a little bit of blue in the grey…
As a child, I was always told that if there was enough blue 
to make a shirt for a sailor, then it would clear.
In this case, the blue came and went.
The water on the veranda.
The staff did clear it during a lull in the storm,
but the rain soon returned.
My favourite view of the lodge building
Some of the rangers considering if the game drive will take place.
As it turned out, it did not.
My “office”.
As the game drive was called off due to inclement weather,
I decided to continue working…
Wet from within and without.
The water feature at the entrance to the lodge
Even the tortoises were heading for shelter.
I was wondering…
If a tortoise loses its shell, is it naked or homeless?
Answers on a postcard please.

Our dinner that was going to be held in the bush
had to be accommodated withing the lodge.
A wonderful buffet that was enjoyed by all the guests

“One for the road”?
Luckily for me my room is IN the main lodge,
so not only did I not have far to walk…
but it was all under cover.
My final night here at Samara.
Tomorrow morning I will be visiting the Tracker Academy
that is situated on the property.
An early start, so I am off to bed. 

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