Samara Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape. A bit of this and that.

The entrance road as seen from the veranda of the lodge building
There are several types of accommodation available to guests.
One of those is hidden away from the main building,
just behind the Boma.
I am told that the “slave bell” is purely for decoration.
The back of the main building…
Dinner, breakfast and lunch can be served here.
From the veranda, looking towards the Sneeuberg Mountains
I “discovered” this ox-wagon during a meander around the property.
If it COULD talk, I wonder what stories it would tell.
I so admire those early pioneers, who packed up and trekked inland,
not knowing where they were going or what lay in store for them
The cloud formations here are spectacular
This road took us to lunch at the top of a mountain.
It really does not do justice to the fact that it was an
almost vertical climb for part of the way.
Not for the faint hearted or those who do not like roller coaster rides.
But as we were to discover, the ride was WELL worth
what awaited us at the top
A picnic, under African skies…
But first…the washing of the hands…to get rid of the dust from the drive
An outdoor toilet…
With THIS as the view!
But(t) you need to be careful where you sit…
These Red-winged Starlings seem to be holding a meeting
My “office” for the duration of my stay.
There is nothing more special than Africa at dusk
I can imagine a roaring fire here in winter.
This is the TV room…
But I would rather watch this “bush” TV.
Why is it that fire is so hypnotic?
A Boma dinner under an African sky.
Time to say good night.
All this eating and driving makes a man tired!
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