Samara Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape


I do not get to visit the Eastern Cape nearly often enough.
But I did jump at the opportunity to visit this property,’
that is much more than just a “game reserve”…

I had forgotten just how beautiful the sky can be in this province.
And the cloud formations due to upper air turbulence,
are truly something special

A corner for quiet contemplation?
Or perhaps just thinking about what I might see on game drive,
or what is for lunch…

Normally the fist mammal that I see in a reserve is an Impala.
Down in this corner of our country,
it seems that reptiles form the reception committee…

The lodge building is in the valley at the foot
of the Sneeuberg mountain range

My room…
It is the closest accommodation I have had to a main lodge building.
About 10 paces from the main reception/shop/lounge!

A comfy chair to sit and work in?
I did try, but dozed off.

There is a shower (indoor) as well as this en suite bath.
I tried them both.

This is where I ended up writing…my very own balcony area.
It is separated from the “public” space by a screen.

Not quite “four and twenty” blackbirds,
But these Cape Glossy Starlings did keep me entertained.

A reception area at the main lodge building.
The hand made guest book is in the foreground.

Zoe is one of the two “lodge dogs” on the property.
“You will have to come out eventually”
she seems to be saying to this tortoise.

Another seating area on the wrap around veranda.

There is a beautiful “formal” lounge inside the building

Depending on the weather,
meals can be enjoyed either inside or out

Tea before game drive…
Samara is one of the few lodges that serves three meals a day,
as well as afternoon tea.

This is NOT the game drive vehicle we used.

The Little Karoo under a full moon must be beautiful
We only had 50% and it was stunning.
More of the night sky to follow.

Bar areas by day somehow seem drab and perhaps sleazy.
But by night they assume a different character and become the “heart”
of pre or post dinner chats

It has been a long day for me,
so my bed beckons and sleep awaits.
I look forward to my early morning game drive
and what I might find that differs from drives in the northern regions
of our exciting country.

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