Karkloof Safari Spa, the wildlife.


Zebra are not part of the Big 5,
they cannot be tamed or ridden,
they are one of the apex prey species,
but they ARE very photogenic
If you can see two animals in this image,
then you need to have your eyes tested.
Not for nothing is the collective noun
a “dazzle”

The shot that every photographer wants when it comes to Hippo,
is the “yawn”.
They do not always play along and it takes patience
and many images to get “that” shot.
This youngster had a lot of fun pretending.
Should I shouldn’t I…

A quick open mouth shot…no teeth

Adults can be even more uncooperative.
I sat waiting for at least a half hour before…

The beginnings of “that” yawn

If you look at the random position of the teeth,
you will understand why they kill more humans
than all of the Big 5 combined.
It has been pointed out to me that mosquitoes also add to that tally.

Karkloof has a plethora of Nyala.
Check out the youngster trying to photobomb the picture.

Adult Wildebeest might be part of the “Ugly 5”,
but their youngsters are really cute.

Two young Giraffe take a moment to groom themselves.

The sound of Africa personified.
This is the regal African Fish Eagle

Grey Crowned Cranes are a species I have not seen in the wild before.
Karkloof seems to have several pairs.

A Hamerkop grooms in the early morning light

One of the dams on the property is home to a colony
of  White-breasted Cormorant.
They seem to roost wherever they can find a safe perch.

Red-Billed Oxpeckers searching for a “snack”
on the back of a Buffalo

When Buffalo look at you,
it is almost as if you owe them money!

One of the old Dagga Boys.
So named because they tend to cover themselves in mud,
and they end up looking as though they are cloaked in wet cement

A lone Giraffe watches as I drive past.

This  Warthog sow had a piglet with her.
and as she did not know who I was she was VERY protective.
Grunting is a most aggressive fashion as I tried to take her picture.

It is NOT always about the Big 5…
or even the regular plains game.
Sometimes you have to look for the beauty where you least expect it
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