Bat conservation to benefit from the “Bat Outta Hell” tour with Ryan “Busta” Boltoon…

Golden Tiki, in the form of Ryan “Busta” Boltoon
is on the road currently…
His “Bat Outta Hell” tour, is for a great cause,
South African Tattoo Tour 2016
The Bat Outta Hell Charity ‘Drive’:
March 10th – June 1st
The goal of the tour is simple: AWARENESS. 
Busta will be travelling across South Africa in an effort to raise
 for Bat conservation, the tattoo industry and the arts.
The Battoo…
This is the standard bat tattoo
design that will be used during the tour.
The design can be altered to any size
and colour, 
and a few changes can be made to the original design, for
example: fangs, bows or hats. 
As Busta travels from studio to studio the
‘Battoo’ design will be passed on to the tattoo artists
 he will be
working with on his travels. 
The minimum charge for the Battoo
will be R600, 
with 50% going to a Bat conservation charity 
and 50% going to the
Shops and the public can donate to the
charity without having to get the tattoo
 – the goal is to help
educate South Africa about Bat conservation, 
and change perceptions
about this misjudged creature.
Each shop will be given the linework
bat design which they can also use
 to make paintings, sketches and
any artwork of their choice –
 these works will be put on exhibition
once the tour is completed.
The ‘end of tour’ exhibition will
be held at Carfax, Johannesburg on the 4th of June. 
will be a limited amount of blank Bat Boxes (homes for bats), 
artists can work on and customize for the exhibition. 
Tour t-shirts
and limited edition screen print posters will also be up for sale.
All artwork will be auctioned off/sold
on exhibition night.
The tour can be
followed on The Golden Tiki Facebook page as well as the tour page,
Bat conservation organizations that will benefit 
from funds raised during the tour:
Anyone can donate, 
even if you DON’T want to get a tattoo.
Please deposit you donations into this account:
Tattoo Charity
Business account
# 62592051115
Branch – Cresta, 254-905
Ref- Battoo16-  your name

Itinerary of participating tattoo
Clients can either book an appointment
with the participating shops
 over the course of the tour or through
the Golden Tiki
Cape Town
Architects: 29+30
April/ May
Tattoo: 1+2
Plettenburg Bay
Ocean Ink
Tattoos: 7+8
Temptations: 12+13
Tattoo: 15+16
Eye: 20+21
Ink: 27+28
Sacred Ink
Tattoo: 29+30
Humdinger Tattoo: 4+5
Chapmans Art
Emporium: 6+7
Tattoos: 18+19
heroes: 20+21
SA Hardcore: 28+27
Contact details:
Busta Boltoon
Instagram – @busta_boltoon
082 953 4025
Busta ends by quoting  Rolling Stones & Gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson:
 ‘And suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the sky was full 
of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, 
which was going about a hundred miles an hour with the top down…. 
Don’t stop here! This is bat country.’
Tour sponsors:
Ryan would like to thank the following sponsors, 
without who this tour would not have been possible 
The Captain’s Beard, Hellfire cinnamon whisky, 
Artsplash Printing, 
Serv-u-med Medical supplies, 
Moog Machines, 925 Tattoo supplies, 
Complex Chaos vape juice, 
Freedom hair,