New additions to my PHOTO GALLERY

New additions

“Bare Bones”

“Through the glass darkly”


“Dagga Boy”

“A rainy Midlands morning”

“Balancing act 1”
Bone, rock and pebbles

My sculptures will now be available as stretched canvas prints,
in B&W.

A pigeon skull with a small(unidentified) bone
on driftwood

If you would like to have the same print in colour,
use this link to see what they look like:

A pigeon skull with a small(unidentified) bone
on driftwood

The prints will be limited editions of 15 each

My favourite piece…
Coral, a pansy shell, warthog tusk and a marble
mounted on a driftwood base

Springbok horns, a warthog tusk and barbed wire,
mounted on a driftwood base.

Driftwood and rusted wire, mounted on a wooden base
and including suspended semi-precious stone

Driftwood on driftwood

“I must go down to the sea again”
A collection of items found on various beach walks.

“I will protect you”
Impala hip bone on driftwood with a small metal Ganesh.

“A roll of the dice”
Pebbles, found wood, leg bone and a dice

“A balancing act 2”
Bone, driftwood and pebbles

“On the horn of a dilemma”
Impala horn with driftwood

Bone, driftwood and a pebble.
Mounted on a metal base that was part of a printed press.
“Spinal Tip”
Railway sleeper, spine, bone and old rusted kettle and cup

“Amandla”/ “Strike the Rock”
Leg bone on a rock

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