Linden,where old meets new.


You can easily lose your heart to Linden.
This is the view from the corner of 4th Ave and 7th Street in Linden.
We chose to move to this suburb a decade ago,
and even though the suburb suffers from its share of “problems”
The suburb was established in the late 1920’s but had its beginnings in 1899.

Roy and his crew from Scratch have made 4th Avenue a project.
The outside of the Spar has never looked so good.
Well done guys.
It used to be known for peach and cherry orchards as well as a large dairy.
Almost farm living in an urban enviroment

I have always said that living in Linden
is like living in a small Karoo town.
This windmill just enhances that feeling.
Linden was named for JJ Rabie vd Linde, a farmer from the Free State.
He owned a corner of the farm Klipfontein
together with Louw Geldenhuys, after whom a local school is named.

Linden is becoming recognised as “the place”for foodies.
Move over Parkhurst and Melville…
You have MAJOR competition.

Best Pizza in Linden!
And the best host…Lloyd Newton.

Hair Experts is where my wife gets her hair cut and coloured.
After trying salons all over the more “affluent suburbs,
she discovered this gem right in 4th Avenue.

If you are looking for a personalized gift,
then Wriggly Tin products are now available from “Wolf, Wolf”.

Gonk is now open and trading…
They have a variety of interesting “goodies” on sale.

Hang out or buy…
Kosie at Gonk will be able to find something special for you.

One of my favourite shops.
Orejen on 5th Street.
It is not what they have on sale,
but the fact that Jennifer runs it…
She IS Orejen!

Slowly, insidiously goods from her shop are finding their way into our house.
They built this bespoke vanity for us.
And they could do something similar for YOU.

Before and after…
Orejen was also responsible for all our new wooden windows

For OTT Bling, look no further.
This shop is hard to miss…

Back down the road,
is this antique store.
Yesterdays Heroes.
When Van der Linde tried to sell off his plots, he was not very successful.
Because Linden was 8km was the city centre and
access was by means of three dirt tracks.

With a bit of this and a bit of that.
Look closely and you might find something from the early days of Linden.

The Argentinean Bakery
serves the MOST DELICIOUS croissants in Johannesburg.

And although opinions might differ,
I believe that Rembrandt Butchery has the BEST biltong
AND boerewors in the city…

Arthur Bales has been around for about 100 years.
Still supported by knitters who come from near and far
to buy wool and accessories.

Found this at The Whippet.
I have NO idea what it tasted like,
but with THAT much chocolate, it has to be scrumptious.
The latest arrival to our suburb…Bronto’s.
They serve the BEST ribs, pizza and milkshakes.
From L-R:
Mom, Antoinette, Dad, Lionel, and daughters Rebecca and Ruth,
tuck into some of the pizza on offer.

The best Chinese/Sushi/Thai food in Linden.
Li Kou Fu.

For the longest while this garden was the best kept secret in Linden.
Not anymore…
Paputzis has become the place to visit for their great menu
and best bacon and egg sarmie in the suburb.
Some of the original peach trees can be found in the garden here.

PRON has become well established in our suburb.
Serving noodles, that are different and delicious.

Oregano Patisserie and Catering opened in 2014.
They are in 7th Street opposite the school
and offer a variety of “home-baked” goodies.
The Gourmet Cheese Shop on the corner of 3rd Ave and 7th Street
is a must for lovers of  “FROMAGE”.
They offer more than 140 different cheeses to choose from.

The Fat Zebra, another recent addition to 7th Street.
The inside of the restaurant is bright and trendy.

Even the manhole covers(those that have not been replaced with fibre)
are interesting.
In 1934 there were around 400 families living in Linden.
Today there are close to 3000!
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