My 2015 International destinations.


I was very lucky to do three international trips during 2015.
To see all the postings from those destinations,
My Samsonite S’cure suitcase arrives at one of the
many airports it visited during 2015.
In this case it was Dubai, that was my destination,
rather than just a transit stop
Usually I only get to see it at a final destination.
This time, Dubai WAS my destination. 


One of the seating areas in the foyer of my hotel in Dubai.
Our media trip was planned for Ramadan,
and what an interesting trip it turned out to be.

This is the view from my window.
The Burj Khalifa…one of several iconic buildings here in Dubai.
Burj means tower…and because of the price of land,
the buildings tend to go up…and up…and up!

The “crane” is the National bird of Dubai.
Pre 2008, 25% of the world’s cranes were based here.

How many Mall publicity shots can boast THIS?
There is a 48m long, 270 degree acrylic walk-through tunnel,
allowing visitors to have the inhabitants swim above them.

The restaurant at the Armani Hotel, Dubai.
Even the flower displays are personally approved bu Giorgio Armani.
Although the florists are based in Dubai,
they were flown to Milan for training in how to meet the
exacting standards that the hotel requires.
There are also no corners in the public spaces,
this is to make certain that the Feng Shui is correct


Breakfast in a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey.
It has become a favourite city for both my wife and I.
It was also the first international destination that we have returned to.
“Nine lives, the cats of Istanbul”
This is a link to a soon to be released documentary

that focuses on the cats of the city.
In a 7000 year old city, which has 20 million people,
The cat population is looked after by the locals
One of my favourite buildings…
The Hagia Sofia.
A must visit destination while in Istanbul.

The tourists will bend over backwards to get the shot!

Our “cave hotel” in Cappadocia.
Highly recommended.

This is a must do event while in Cappadocia
Visit their website:
Listen to some of the music…

We utilized the services of Medhills Travel during our stay.
Our tour guides for both Istanbul and Cappadocia were great fun to be with,
and knowledgeable.
Highly recommended!
Our media group arrives at our hotel in Abu Dhabi…
To say that “first impressions” were overwhelming,
would be an understatement.
Here NOTHING is “understated”!

My hares traveled with me to all my international destinations.

The “ship of the desert”…
Luckily you do not experience these beasts wandering the streets of Abu Dhabi

Pearls  by Michael Caines, Abu Dhabi
One of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever visited


The Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi.
This should be one of the seven wonders of the modern world.
An inspiring building.
From Yas Waterworld…
The lifeguard has to wear rain-gear as there is always water falling
at this particular ride. The children love it,
the staff…not so much.

Dinner at Pearls & Caviar by sergl arola, Abu Dhabi
Arola’s Patatas Bravas,
 ”brava” sauce and aioli with confit potato
This was the dish that we “fought” over!
The meal could have stopped right here. 
I rate this as the best international meal I enjoyed in 2015

A desert sunset.
Certainly as spectacular as any I have experiences back at home

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