Abu Dhabi…FOOD!


Of all the restaurants that we ate in during our trip,
this was probably the most innovative.
The concept is German, 
although the food choices are very definitely USA.
How does the concept work?
Watch this video:

The food is delivered via a roller coaster system
that starts at the kitchen that is three floors above the diners.

I got to choose my meal of an iPad…
a first for me!
Each diner has one, so sharing is not necessary.

Lunch is served!
A pulled lamb burger and GREAT fries.
And, even though it cannot be seen,
a strawberry milkshake.
I could not be more American if I tried.

Several world famous chefs have opened establishments
in Abu Dhabi.
One of those is British chef, Michael Caines.
Pearls was opened at Jumeirah, Etihad Towers
on 6th September, 2015.

To me, it is singularly one of the most spectacular restaurants 
I have eaten in. 

The decor is understated, and is there to compliment the food,
not overpower it.

This was the menu that we were served.

Food presentation is everything.

Diners certainly DO “eat with their eyes”…

And, of course,
a dessert near the desert!

A view of the lights of Abu Dhabi

From the buffet at Emirates Palace Hotel.
A very special meal.

Would you believe that guests at Shangri-La Hotel
are offered a chocolate fountain?
For breakfast! 

Our first meal of the trip.
Soft shell crab at the St Regis, Saadiyat

And the desert was “mind-blowing”
A sort of a candy floss that vanished when the green “sauce”
was poured on!

To the best of my knowledge,
we ate neither camel nor goat.

One of the best dinners…
Arabian Nights, after our dune safari.

So much food…
and too little time.

Thank you and goodnight from 
Abu Dhabi!

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