Abu Dhabi, my traveling companions.

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People often ask me about my traveling companions.
On media trips, often we are all strangers.
 We might know of each other by reputation,
but as in the case of this Abu Dhabi trip,
we were from Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.
But…we had a BLAST!
Lots of fun in this vehicle.
Both Mark and Natalia are from Cape Town.

Listen to this as you read this posting…
It always puts a smile on my face.
Paul Simon together with Ladysmith Black Mambazo,
and check out the trumpet player!

I took this “selfie” during a dune safari…
To take my mind of being sick.
I do not do “back-of-car” well…
Luckily for me, the dubious honour fell to another in our party.
No name mentioned…

One of my favourite images from the trip.
Natalia (who brought our group to Abu Dhabi)
and Charles from Cape Town. 
(He has had a lot of 4×4 experiences, so this was an adventure,
but not a challenge…and he did not get ill)

And this is the other favourite…
The Capetonians…
Mark and Charles.

Our very own SpiceGoddess,
Verushka (from Durban) 
taking pictures of our first desert sunset.

Our first meal…
at the St Regis Hotel, Saadiyat.
A great way to start off our “adventures”.

To the manor born…
Namritha in one of the suites at Emirates Palace Hotel.
We could ALL have stayed in this 680sq m apartment,
and never bump into each other.

Charles proving that fruit can be rearranged 
for a photograph.

Occasionally I get to feature in a picture.
The chef is from this coffee shop.
He invited us in and “forced” us to taste several
of his cakes!

OK, this is an “in-joke”…
There are many moments in a media trip that cannot 
be described once you get home.
I hope that we get an invite to the launch Mark! 

Taking one for the team.
Mark and Charles tame(?) the roller coaster at Ferrari World.

Setting off on a canoe adventure.
Four of my intrepid colleagues.

Namritha won the “selfie” award…

At least one of us was paying attention…

Charles looks relaxed in this ride at Waterworld.
The moment after I took this,
this floor opened and he vanished…

By contrast, Mark did look concerned.
But I doff my proverbial hat to both of them for trying it.

Verushka at Waterworld.

And there HAD to be a “selfie stick”!

Namritha poses for MY camera,
rather than her own.

We had to remember that there are strict 
dress codes, depending on where you are visiting.
Make certain that you are aware of local
customs and practices.
It will make your trip more pleasant and hassle free.
Many thanks to Natalia for putting the trip together,
and to the rest of the “team” 
who were such great traveling companions.
We must do it again…


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