Our Orejen window project is complete!

When John Livok arrived on site,
he promised us that the project would be completed in three weeks.
My estimate was six to eight…
Guess who was right?
I am glad to say that John was!
We did have to cover everything to TRY to reduce the dust,
but our efforts were not too successful…
We have said goodbye to all the tools and the noise of the angle grinder
We bid our steel window farewell
as they were taken away to be re-purposed
by a variety of people.
The first window to be installed…
Our entrance has also been revamped and waterproofed.
Gone are the wooden poles that let in the rain…
And hello to the new…
Now we await the rain to see if it is waterproof.
It is quiet now that John’s team has departed for their new project.
They were a pleasure to work with.
On time and hard working…something not seen too often today
The final addition…
Sheerguard security bars.
All windows have these fitted and unlike the regular bars,
they are almost invisible.
Makes looking out a pleasure.
Many thanks to Ron Wells for a job well done.
Give him a call to find out more about his product and service.
083 617 4000
And for the final stage of the project…
For this, we decided to bring in a specialist team.
Oscar and his team from Simply Rugs were efficient, competent
and a pleasure to deal with.
They left us with a home that was sparkling clean.
Every room restored to pristine condition…
Order has been restored to our home!
The entire Tyler’s installation team…
Panga who had all the blinds up in less than two hours!
I was very impressed.
The roller blinds that we chose for the bedrooms and bathrooms
They can be fully opened, half opened of fully closed.
They offer a variety of degrees of privacy as the situation requires.

Sheerweave in the dining room so that our neighbours
cannot see what we are having for dinner

And to make certain that the beauty will continue,
we have had a garden irrigation system fitted.
Yehuda from Halo Irrigation was responsible for the installation
Call him for a quote: 0826519767
So…out with the old,
and in with the new.
What a difference they make.
And now we can relax and enjoy our “new” home.
A BIG THANKS to John and his team for a job well done!
This company manufactured all the windows.
And they also supplied all the window hardware.
Jennifer and Manuel were a pleasure to deal with.
All the windows fitted perfectly,
and there was a follow up visit to make certain that everything
met THEIR demanding standards.
This company that removed and installed the new windows,
with minimum damage to the surrounding brickwork
and existing window sills
They also did the building repairs.
He and his team come highly recommended and
with their work ethic and attention to detail,
the build was on time.
In total we only lost a couple of hours to rain.
All the glass was cut and supplied by this company.
They also installed the half round windows where putty was required.
If you are looking for a glass company,this is the one to choose.
Our new Sheerweave and roller blinds were installed
by Rejeane and her “team”…
Quickly and efficiently, with a minimum waiting period
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