An Abu Dhabi teaser …


And these are just some of the sights that I will
be covering in more detail ….
This mosque, one of the most beautiful that I have seen,
by day and by night.
This was our “home” for the duration of our stay in Abu Dhabi.
The Shangri-La Hotel

The model for the new Guggenheim Abu Dhabi,
which will be opening in 2016

The Abu Dhabi theatre…the UAE takes arts and culture very seriously.

Miss Eyelashes 2015…
YES, they have camel beauty pageants

And speaking of beauty…
Our group enjoyed this belly dancer performing in the desert.

Food, glorious food…
And so much of it, morning, noon and night.
The meals will be covered in detail
as visitors are spoiled for choice.

Part of the lunch buffet at the Emirates Palace Hotel.

Obviously we did not see camels IN Abu Dhabi,
but on the outskirts…many.
The desert is stunning.
Probably one of the most beautiful areas that I have visited in my travels.
It might sound “cliched” but photographs do NOT do it justice

As with the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
that we could see from our hotel

I was up to my usual “tricks”…
taking photographs of photographers as they photographed

One of the most sumptuous hotel suites I have EVER been in.
This mansion in the sky can be found at the Emirates Palace Hotel
at 680 sq. m it is bigger than most homes I have been in
(My home is only 280sq.m!)

And of course it has SEVERAL sitting rooms!
Yes it was opulent, but certainly not gaudy…
Understated elegance at its best.

There are a variety of different activities that visitors can enjoy.

My traveling hares get to meet their UAE cousins.

Look at the expression on the face of the shopkeeper
as Charles tries out this weapon!

Right up front…
Mark and Charles try out the fastest roller coaster in the WORLD!

Yas Island is a destination in itself.
Well worth more that a full day of exploration.

Abu Dhabi from the air…
Not as many skyscrapers as Dubai,
here the buildings are architectural masterpieces

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