A day on the beach at Prana Lodge. Private Beach Estate & Spa

As a result of a wonderful dinner,
I decided that an early beach run would be a good idea.
However, the weather had other ideas
and the rain that had started earlier the day before was still
“hanging around”.
And those who know me, know that I do not run in the rain!
This vantage deck, although sopping wet,
offered spectacular views of the sea and the beach
68 steps to the beach…
This is the only access to the beach from Prana Lodge.
However, I was informed of an easier route via a neighbouring property.
Although the sky was grey and the drizzle
was becoming more persistent,
 I figured that a walk WAS required. 
Drift 1
Drift wood always fascinates me…
Drift 2
Where does it come from?
Will it ever get back to sea?
Drift 3
If only I was driving back to Johannesburg…
This piece obviously came from a building of some sort.
But where…and how did it end up here?
Time to head back…
One step at a time…
Or I could have taken the easier route at Crawford’s
I was “tired” but I knew that a hot bath
and then breakfast awaited…
From the inside looking out.
The rain bucketed down while we  were having breakfast,
so a “dip” in the pool was unnecessary.
Look what we discovered at both  breakfast and lunch.
I so like this oil can that I found near the DVD collection
in the library
And speaking of a library…
here they have quite a collection for guests to choose from!
And then it was time for lunch,
to be followed by a leisurely nap.
( Fortunately, for my readers,
 there are no selfies of me napping)
By early evening the rain cleared
and my wife and I decided on a beach walk before dinner.
Perhaps once upon a time this shoe MIGHT
have graced the catwalks of Paris?
Drift 4
Pointing out to sea.
We head back to our suite where DINNER awaits.
Luckily for Biekl, it was not raining when he delivered our dinner.
Once again, a stunning meal that will be featured at the end of our stay.
Each of the rooms is different, and all (except the Forest Suite )
have a small private swimming pool.
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