Through my lens. Istanbul in B&W.

Through my lens. Istanbul in B&W

I suppose that certain of these images could be from anywhere
in the world, but they were all taken in Turkey.
I have NO idea what this fellow was focused on.
Istanbul airpoet

There are many shoe-shine men like this in Istanbul.
How good are their services?
I don’t know as they cannot polish sneakers.
In Vietnam the vendors there had a spray specifically for such cases
Outside the Hagia Sophia

Yes, they have street sweepers.

One of the workers at Matis Carpet factory
in Cappadocia

So, it does not fit…
put a nail in it!

These ladies were selling hand-made dolls
outside the restaurant where we were having lunch.

Off to work…
One of the farm workers near our hotel in Cappadocia

I had no idea what the “Whirling Dervishes” were all about
Until I spent an hour at one of their performances.
But don’t be fooled by the tourist version that some Istanbul restaurants offer.
We got to see the real deal while in Cappadocia

Breakfast fun in Istanbul

Trying to read the bus time table in Istanbul

I wonder if the photographer in the background
has included tham?
From the shores of the Bosphorus.

EVERY family has an aunt or a granny like this.

There are fishermen all over the banks of the Bosphorus

“Do I really have to get up”?

Not sleeping, hard at work at the local flea-market.

Looking on…
Flea market, Istanbul

Waiting for customers is SUCH hard work!
Flea-market, Istanbul

Guess which one spotted me?

Time for some music?
There were a variety of buskers along this street.

And finally…
Turkey has its share of refugees currently.
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