A cross over posting. Airports, love them or hate them

Airports, love them or hate them
This should ACTUALLY be a rant posting,
but seeing that it so specific to travel,
I have decided to add it to Travel & Things…
So, let me climb on my horse and tilt
It does not matter where to destination airport is,
there will ALWAYS be stress attached to either an arrival
or a departure.
Is local any less stressful?
I am uncertain of that, but what I do know is that anti-depressant
medications should be available on request.
The mayor of Cape Town did not really come to carry my luggage,
but her poster lends itself to this sort of image.
This is a sight that no traveler wants to see.
An empty baggage carousel…
In this particular instance, we were still awaiting for the
luggage to arrive…
YES! Joy and jubilation when I spotted my luggage.
The bright blue Samsonite suitcase.
I did not experience the same jubilation on a recent return flight from Dubai.
My wife’s suitcase arrived first and she jokingly said to me that mine had
been left behind…and unfortunately she was right.
Even though both of our Samsonite suitcases
had been tagged as “PRIORITY LUGGAGE”
A delayed flight from Istanbul/Dubai meant a quick changeover time.
But why hers made it to ORT and not mine is still being discussed.
Luckily we were back at home, so not really much to stress about.
I have to say that the airline handled it well
and as there are four flights a day and we were on the first,
I was reunited with my case on the same day.
One of the biggest airports.
Stress points here, yes there are.
The incoming flights take forever to taxi to their final disembarkation point
and the bus ride to the terminal building can take FOREVER.
Especially if you have planned tight turn around times.
Minimum layover should be two hours…
anything less and you might well have a problem.
By the same token, you do not want to spent too much time here.
You are able to purchase an day visa
if you decide that you want to visit the city.
Well worth a look.
Dubai airport also has some of the best water features.
And the plants here are real.
As are the fish in the pond.
Boredom sets in and I start taking pictures of broken windows.
Does not really make up for 7 hours in Terminal 3,
but it did put a smile on my face.
I discovered these “sleeping pods”
in a Prestige Lounge.
Very pricey, and not really required if…
like my wife, YOU can sleep in a chair!
Awaiting our luggage at Istanbul Airport.
The major stress here is caused by NOT speaking the language
Hoping that suitcases come through so you won’t have to deal with officials.
Our Samsonite trio made it safely.
Istanbul airport.
Not quite as busy inside as I expected.
Outside, however, was a different story.
The police spring into action VERY quickly.
The body language is universal.
From Istanbul to Cappadocia…
The second suitcase DID arrive.
You never know who you will bump into in an airport.
Leaving Istanbul…
Does ANYONE ever buy this chocolate anywhere else?
It seems that this “iconic” brand is only bought in airport duty free.
And by people who have forgotten a specific gift and feel guilty.
Both regular and electric wheel chairs were available in Istanbul
Our penultimate flight…
And my BIGGEST rant…
When customs does this!
Fill a page first PLEASE…
And that is all I have to say..
Until the next time.
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