The cats of Istanbul…part of the cityscape

The cats of Istanbul...part of the cityscape

Cats form part of the landscape of the city of Istanbul.
They tend to get up close…
Like in this case where the cat got to me faster than expected.
No malice was intended, she merely wanted to investigate me!
As a result of the way the locals treat the cats,
most of them are very trusting and seem to seek out human company.

Even kittens will come and play…
Although this group were more interested in waiting for mom
than coming to “chat”…

This face says it all!

The only “non Istanbul” entry.
This tiny ADHD kitten was at the MDC Cave Hotel in Cappadocia.
Rather insistent with a VERY loud voice.

Cats can look at kings…
Or they can sit and look out of windows…

“Let me see what you have food”…

Got to love this face.

Carolyn is certainly a cat person and stopped to play
with most of the cats that she discovered.

Cat on a hot tin roof?

Or is it THIS one?

Time to sharpen my claws

Perhaps I will get something to eat here.

I just wanted to bring this one home…

The only pregnant cat that we saw.
Many of the cats have been sterilized in order to keep the population in check.
However, on this trip, we noticed more kittens than before.
“Nine lives, the cats of Istanbul”
This is a link to a soon to be released documentary

that focuses on the cats of the city.
In a 7000 year old city, which has 20 million people,
the cat population is looked after by the locals
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