I arrive at the Manzil downtown Dubai.

My traveling companion from Johannesburg to Dubai.
Note to self…
DO NOT watch sad movies on a flight.
‘Still Alice’ with Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin
is a movie I should have avoided watching in a public space.
This Lyle Lovett song, performed by Karen Elson featured
and I cannot get it out of my head!
Goodbye to a cold Johannesburg…
see you in a few days time.
Unlike the restaurant at the airport that gave me plastic utensils,
on board we got “real” cutlery!
Somewhere over Africa.
It has been a while since I was on a daylight flight.
Hello Dubai.
Sunset…through a evening haze.
And my name was spelled correctly.
I was impressed. Although I have used Dubai as a transfer destination,
this is going to be my first experience outside of the airport.
One of the most recognizable landmarks in Dubai…
I believe that we will get to visit the 114th floor
during our stay
A corner of the reception of our hotel…
Manzil downtown Dubai
Big YUM…
Dates as snacks.
One of the seating areas in the foyer
The lights over the reception desk
look like exploding fireworks
My room…
and gifts!
As we are only staying in one hotel,
I will actually unpack my suitcase shortly.
The bathroom was both a bath and a shower.
Unusual in modern hotels…
they currently all seem to only have showers.
I will try these out soon…
Kwandhare making himself at home.
My office for the duration of my stay.
Hard at work already
Some “snacks”…donuts by the looks of things.
I have discovered a scale in my cupboard…
perhaps a “warning” for guests?
I will find the gym tomorrow morning.
But for now, I am going to relax and enjoy some TV
before turning in.
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