Time to hit the trails…Marataba Trails Lodge, Waterberg.


Time to hit the trails.
A different way to experience the bush…

The last time these were on an “outing”,
was on my Kilimanjaro expedition in October, 2014.

Unlike game drives in a vehicle,
for walking trails, the guides have to be prepared for encounters
with a variety of big game.

And off we go…
headed off in single file,
and supposedly in silence.

The reason for this “pep talk” by Adriaan?
I was taken to task, and correctly so, for “chatting”.
I did not say another word for the next two hours.

Guests always think that there should be one guide at the rear.
This would not work as danger usually comes from the front,
hence both rifles need to be there.
I usually bring up the rear as I document the experience.

Adriaan was passionate about his bush craft and stopped often
to explain to us what the tracks were “saying”.

Alessandro, an Italian in Africa,
stood watch while we were shown interesting items

Things that you don’t get to see from a vehicle…

The colours at this time of year are spectacular.

Eco Art…
Could this be

I would like to replicate one of these in our garden.
However, getting one of these rocks into our car MIGHT be a problem

Almost back at the lodge.
The end of our first evening walk,
you can see the lodge buildings in the distance.

All of the non-alcoholic post walk drinks
contained a multitude of fresh fruits.

Almost dinner time.

Bush TV.
There is something hypnotizing about watching flames.

The dining room from a different angle

The Waterberg Mountain range as seen from the deck

I am NOT going to make excuses for ALL the mountain images.
It was spectacular to the nth degree…

The light changed the look and texture of the mountains.
We certainly were enjoying the views from every part of the lodge.
City Hopper was professional from my first contact with Gloria,
to the time my wife and I said goodbye to Henk.
Aside from transfers to a variety of game reserves in and around Johannesburg
and Pretoria, they also offer tours of both cities as well as Soweto.
I can highly recommend them for punctuality and efficiency.
To find out more about what the company does,
This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding…
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!
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