Please Sir, I want some MORE. Marataba Safari Lodge, Waterberg


This is where I spent my birthday day…
The last time I celebrated in this fashion was in 1966,
with my first visit to Kruger National Park.
The beginning of a 49 year love affair with the bush and our wildlife.

I was 13 in 1966…
This is my wife and I on the Miss Mara,
I celebrate turning 62.

The entrance of Marataba Safari Lodge.
And if I thought that this was a “grand” entrance…

This is the view that awaited us as we walked through the front door.
I cannot begin to describe the breathtaking splendour of the Waterberg range.

A Camel Thorn seed pod

I am uncertain as to what this rather prehistoric lizard is.
But we first saw him on our arrival,
and he was still in roughly the same position three days later.
I therefore assume that this tree is his territory.

This was one of a group of Crested Francolin,
that seem to call the Lodge “home”.

This Vervet Monkey was licking sap from this tree,
or perhaps he was just blowing a raspberry
at the humans below

Unlike the 82 steps to our accommodation at the Trails Lodge,
the path to out “tent” was dead level.

The tents are well concealed from the main lodge building.

The only resemblance to a tent is the fact that it has a canvas roof.
We were told that the accommodation was “rustic”,
they lied…it was 5-star all the way!

Our bathroom.
Aside from a very comfortable bath it also had both an indoor
and outdoor shower.

There was a dressing area behind the wall at the head of the bed

This area was separate from both the bathroom and the toilet area,
so no queuing  required.

The deck in front of our accommodation.
Totally private from the tents on either side.

And the view…
THE VIEW…to savour and enjoy.
I wish we could replicate this in our garden at home.

When I first saw this life preserver, I was confused as the area
is very dry…

And then I noticed the swimming pool.

Time for a game drive.
This is the meeting point in front of the entrance.

The lodge at night…
An imposing sight by any standards.
It was certainly a wonderful place to spend my birthday,
and a destination that both my wife and I highly recommend.
City Hopper was professional from my first contact with Gloria,
to the time my wife and I said goodbye to Henk.
Aside from transfers to a variety of game reserves in and around Johannesburg
and Pretoria, they also offer tours of both cities as well as Soweto.
I can highly recommend them for punctuality and efficiency.
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Eskom load-shedding…
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!
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