MORE wildlife at Marataba Safari Lodge, Waterberg

MORE wildlife at Marataba Safari Lodge, Waterberg

From a “wildlife” perspective,
my trip to the Waterberg might not be seen as a success.
That being said, what I did get to see was up close and very personal.
And there were some interactions that I might never get to experience again.
We found this lion on our final game drive.
Lying on the side of the road, chilling with a friend.

One of the three cubs that Lightning is currently raising.
Most leopards have one or perhaps two cubs.
Three is an unusual litter…
I hope that all reach maturity

A Fork -tailed Drongo

A Hamerkop keeping a beady eye on me

A Cormorant in the late afternoon sunlight

A Little Bee-eater.

A female Masked Weaver…
Looking for accommodation?

A Malachite Kingfisher,
one of my favourites.

Lightning, getting food for her cubs.

A Brown-hooded Kingfisher

The only view that we got of an elephant within the reserve.
He was NOT in a mood to hang around,
and was more intent on eating than posing

A baboon in the early morning light

Waterbuck look like they have sat on a wet toilet seat

A Black backed Jackal on a morning mission

Vervet monkeys might look cute,
but they can be very destructive

My birthday “cake”.
In fairness, the chef had baked me a chocolate cake…
but I don’t eat chocolate, so this muffin was a last minute substitute.

Evening snacks and drinks on Miss Mara sundown cruise.

The view from the “upper deck”…


Sunset over the water…
Time to head back to Marataba Safari Lodge for dinner.
City Hopper was professional from my first contact with Gloria,
to the time my wife and I said goodbye to Henk.
Aside from transfers to a variety of game reserves in and around Johannesburg
and Pretoria, they also offer tours of both cities as well as Soweto.
I can highly recommend them for punctuality and efficiency.
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