A MOREning walk from Marataba Trails Lodge, Waterberg


I have to admit that the weather while we were in the Waterberg,
was refreshing but not NEARLY as cold as Johannesburg currently is,
In order to walk in a different area,
we drove about 45 minutes from camp before starting the trail.

Does a one-horned Impala count as a Unicorn?
Unfortunately, I don’t think so.
Our first encounter with wildlife as we began our 3 hour walk.
This Wildebeest was intent on have a drink from a pool close by,
so he “acknowledged” us and continued his morning ritual

The leaves offer different colours at this time of year.
Not something that you might notice driving past in a vehicle

This is the skull of a Zebra stallion.
From the bite marks on the face, it seems that it was killed by lions

ALWAYS good to have a few of these on hand
while walking in the bush

Crouching Ranger, hidden Giraffe…

And there it is…
watching Adriaan watching it.

We learned a lot about tracking while on foot.
This is a hyena track, unfortunately we did not meet the owner.

And this is the pattern that an elephant would leave after lying down.
Again this one eluded us as well.

We stopped at the side of this dam to enjoy
the breakfast that Chef Daniel had packed for us.
Bacon and egg sarmies in the bush…YUM

This you would never notice from a vehicle.
An ant colony busy stocking up for the lean months ahead.

Signs that visitors had been to this dam earlier.
There is a lot to be learned from “reading” dung

An interesting plant?
I am not sure, but I liked the imagery.

FINALLY…up close with this Zebra

Guinea Fowl, otherwise known as “Bush chickens”,
take off as we drive by.

Alessandro, collecting a walking stick that one of the guests
had forgotten at our breakfast stop.
It took said guest quite a while to realize that he was
actually walking without it and must had left it behind!

We found this White Rhino on the drive back to the Lodge.

Somewhere comfortable to sit,
after a long walk.

Some of the guests that walked with me.
A moment of relaxation before breakfast.
This particular walk was about 3 hours, but the terrain was flat
and open.
Walks can be tailored to suit the group
and can be made more “difficult” and longer if that is what is required.
A couple the day before had turned a 3 hour walk into 5 hours
as they were enjoying a route that had not been actively used before.

City Hopper was professional from my first contact with Gloria,
to the time my wife and I said goodbye to Henk.
Aside from transfers to a variety of game reserves in and around Johannesburg
and Pretoria, they also offer tours of both cities as well as Soweto.
I can highly recommend them for punctuality and efficiency.
To find out more about what the company does,
This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding…
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!
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