Our journey to Jamala Madikwe with Wilro Tours.

Although I have driven to Madikwe Game Reserve often,
I decided that I wanted to feel like a traveler
and hired Wilro Tour to transport my wife and I.
Tefo Legobate, was our driver/ guide for the journey.
He has been with the company for many years
and was a wealth of information about the areas that we drove past.
More importantly for me, he arrived early to pick us up!
I have dealt with several transfer companies in the past who have let me down,
but I certainly was impressed with the professionalism that Tefo showed.
Sitting in the passenger seat gave me the opportunity to take pictures
and to chat…I think that between the three of us
 we solved most of the problems facing South Africa currently
This vehicle was apparently carrying the materials to build a shack.
Not really aerodynamic…Tefo and I had a good laugh about this!
Objects in the rear view mirror…
The bridge that runs alongside Hartebeespoort Dam.
It is such a pity that the “powers that be”
did not see fit to put an observation point here.
This particular bridge divides the lower portion of the dam
and the views to the east are beautiful.
To the west are condominiums that somewhat spoil the pristine views.
There are some interesting places along the road…
Many of them frequented by bikers over the weekend.
We seemed to be too early for the inevitable rush.
There is also a major souvenir Mall very close by.
Some of the goods on offer are made by the locals,
but MANY are cheap imports from the East.
I have no idea why this fellow was standing on a rock
in the middle of nowhere.
Perhaps he was trying to get a better cellphone signal?
Some of the small villages along the way have thriving businesses.
Hardware AND furniture in the same building.
When you live many kilometers away from a major mall,
your local “corner shop” becomes a lifeline.
Even these Dorper sheep were doing their shopping.
We stopped to have a look at this mud built home.
Even though the plaster work is peeling, the house appeared to be intact.
Tefo took time to explain to my wife and I how this was constructed.
An alternative mode of transport…
Not one that we were keen to try.
But it works for the locals.
Not too far from our destination.
Tefo told me that Madikwe is a regular destination for the company.
Hence no hesitation as to which road to take to get us to our Lodge.
Using the Sun City route cuts the distance from Johannesburg by 180 kms,
and of course the travelling time accordingly.
It also bypasses the MOST expensive toll road in South Africa.
Situated just outside Zeerust, the return toll charge is R150.00
We have arrived!
Safe and sound…
Now just the final 4.2km to Jamala Madikwe.
This was our transport for the journey.
Clean, comfortable and a pleasure to be driven in.
Would I use Wilro Tours again?
I certainly would.
Many thanks to Tefo for a most interesting couple of hours.
The company also offers tours in
and around both Johannesburg and Pretoria.
To find out more about what is available,
visit their website:
This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding…
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!
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