Jamala Madikwe game drive 1

My camera was NEVER far away…
Our Ranger Lazarus(Lazzie).
My brother from another mother!
Not all guests like to hear constant radio chatter…
but I do…
Especially in Madikwe, as I know the reserve well.
It certainly adds a dimension to the game drives.
Many of the rangers wear ear-pieces,
but I would rather hear both sides of the conversation.
But to each his own…

We were extremely lucky to see lions on every drive.
This male looks like he has just woken up.

These lionesses were displaying a behaviour I had not seen before.
Playing with a ball of elephant dung.
There is no reason for this “game”,
so I am assuming that like any cat, they playing…

THIS is how a lion should look.
Blow waved mane and all.

Do not be fooled by looks.
Check the size of the canines…

Up close after a drink of water

We found this male leopard on two separate occasions.

This is one of four cheetahs that have formed a coalition in the reserve.
We found all of them lying under a tree after enjoying an early morning meal.
You can see some of the blood in the white fur under the jaw

A happy hippo?
I am not sure…
It is part of a pod of about seven that live in the river near the Eastern Airstrip

A Red billed Oxpecker looking for a snack.

This male was trying to prove a point to two females.
Neither wanted anything to do with him.
So he took out his frustration by doing a little “dance”…

A young calf suckling from mom in the early morning light.
Calves use their mounts and not their trunks to suckle

This herd chased the Impala across the road.
Now we know why it crossed…
I still have no idea about the chicken!

One of two Black Backed Jackals that we saw.
This is an unusual sighting as they tend to only come out at night.

A spotted Hyena.
This particular individual was lying out in the open,
trying to get some heat out of the ground.

A couple of young Wild Dogs.
Unfortunately the Madikwe population has been decimated by rabies,
and there only 8/9 left out of more than 30.

Looking at me like I owe it money.
The most dangerous of the Big 5.
The Cape Buffalo
The other four animals are:
Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Rhino.
And the reason that they have been named the “Big 5”,
is because they are the most dangerous to hunt on foot.

The baboon looks on intently as a Lilac Breasted Roller comes into land

All creatures great and small…
This young Elegant Grasshopper landed on our game drive vehicle.
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Carolyn and I on our final evening game drive

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