I return to Orejen on a Friday Linden walkabout.

It has been a while since I last visited this extraordinary “shop”
in Linden.
It is more than a shop, it is an exhibition of what can be done
with recycled materials of all kinds.
I have a feeling that owner Jennifer throws NOTHING away.
I love the old house numbers.
I wonder how long they would remain on an outside wall
 in a Johannesburg suburb…
Would YOU like a dog that will not annoy the neighbours?
You can find one here.
Orejen is not a quick “in-and-out” type of venue.
It is a “walk-around-and-marvel” space.
Time is not a factor here as there is SO much to see and investigate
including the kitchen sink.
Remember door bells?
When people were actually able to reach you front door…
Without being eaten by your guard dog or tackled by the security company.
Back in the day, mail was delivered through one of these…
that was situated in your front door
Walls went up, alarms and security fences were installed
and we were forced to put one of these on a boundary wall.
And along came a postal strike,
and we no longer GET mail!
There is something at every turn…
From glassware…
to brass wheels.
If I could only find space for this in our house.
If you have a piece of furniture that is looking old and tired.
Consider using this South African range of chalk paints.
Orejen also stock stencils and brushes.
I wonder if this is for sale?
If you are building a monster
and need bolts for his/her neck,
you now know where to find them.
Window hardware of every shape and description
This is a stunning recycled theatre lamp.
Don’t laugh…
I have a set of these as well.
A mobile made out of old spoons.
What a great idea.
All the contact details can be found on the back of their bakkie.
Pop in…when you have some time and
enjoy being transported back to a time when craftsmanship actually counted.
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