De Wildt Cheetah Lodge


A few kilometers down the road from the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre
is this wonderful establishment…
The De Wildt Cheetah Lodge.
We got there in the late afternoon, as the sun was lighting the stonework
Time to turn back the time.
The entrance…most welcoming with a tea and coffee station.
Usually the first thing that a weary traveler looks for.

These steps lead to the accommodation upstairs.
The  floor might need some “attention” and the carpet on the stairs is due for a change.
But that is part of the charm of this Farm Lodge.
Old style accommodation and hospitality,
that is not often available to guests anymore.

Our room.
Plain and simple.
No TV or Wi-Fi, but are either REALLY necessary?
It was great just to relax and read a book.
And for me, no internet meant that I did not have to “work”!

There seemed to be a ghost in our room.
Actually it was just me, trying out a new technique.
The door at the far end leads to a bathroom…with a shower.
I was told that a room refurbishment is on the cards for later this year.
It will be painting and soft furnishings first to standardize the rooms.
Currently each room is themed, and that will remain.

There is a mezzanine lounge,
which allows this view of the dining room/lounge downstairs

More spotted decor that you can shake a stick at.
Cheetah spots are all around.

There is a separate breakfast area in a room adjacent to this.

A quiet nook to read a book or just sit and contemplate life

And, although we found no cats,
these two Border Collies kept us entertained.

Sunset over the valley.
The Lodge is situated at the foot of the Magalies mountain range.
And that means that Hartebeespoort Dam cannot be seen.
The view is to the north and the platinum mines.

Almost full moon.

From the outside,
looking in.

A home made candle-light dinner.
A wonderful lasagna with lots of steamed green veg.
And a homemade Melktert for dessert.
It was gone by the time I decided that I needed a photograph

Outside the small conference centre.

Still some colour in the garden

Early morning light on a fern leaf

A small chapel on the property is great for intimate weddings,
or just to spend some time in quiet contemplation

My wife relaxing,post breakfast.

If you read the comments, you will realize that guests love staying here.
Not pretentious, it is what is is and that is what makes Cheetah Lodge,
and the manager Elouise so special.
If you are looking to get away, back to a time when things were less stressed,
then THIS is where you need to be.
Visit this website to get more information:

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding…
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!
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