Dov Fedler, in conversation with David Williams


There  were books to be signed both before and after the event.
Not only did Dov sign each one presented,
he added his iconic “poster-boy” as well.
My wife and her mom before the evening began.

Let the games begin…

Not even a question asked and David Williams is already laughing.

Dov Fedler in a thoughtful moment.

“Nu, so tell me about why you had to become a dentist”

There were a couple of stories that David had not heard.
This one seems to have caught him off guard.

I think this says it all…
I want to say “two old hippies”, but they are more than that.
They are lifelong friends…and it shows.
Respect from both sides for what each other does.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
And given half a chance, would gladly have stayed on longer.

“What do you mean I must talk about Greenside?”

“You listen, I’ll talk”.
The banter between the two was entertaining and fun.
Not only for the audience, but for these two friends as well

“Let me think”…

Again with the hand…
Always with the hand.

David had some stories of his own.

Selwyn (Bulke) Milner came all the way from Melbourne to be at the talk.
He features in a whole chapter in the book.
Bulke and the Bully.

“Let me tell you”…

An introspective moment for Dov at the end of the evening.
I think he was contemplating busting into a rendition of
“Old Man River”…but changed his mind.

The book is currently available at all leading bookstores.
It was published by Tracey McDonald Publishers.
Get it while you can!

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