Askari Lodge and Spa…Part 2


Dawn over the Magaliesberg mountains.
Although we were only 45 minutes from home,
we did feel as if we were in another province
A silent rooster…

Seeing it was a Sunday, I thought that this was appropriate.
This cross is above the entrance to the chapel

There was a troop of these Vervet monkeys,
busy checking out the garbage…
and anything else they could get their paws on.

I think that windmills are iconic.
Usually found in the Karoo,
I “spotted” this one while out exploring

One of the two young male elephants at Askari.
Guests can do an Elephant encounter,
where they are able to interact with the boys.
This is Nzewe, who did not feel like “talking” to us.

One way to share a carrot…
Trinity has worked with the elephants ever since they arrived on the property.
However, Damara was keen to interact and show off his skills.

“Time to sleep”…
This shows how the elephants trust their handlers

As with most properties in the area,
this used to be a farm.
Some of the family members are still buried here.

What were these White-faced ducks watching?

These hippo!

This Rhino statue stands between the conference centre and the lodge

Did YOU know that Ox wagons had to have a licence “disc”?
I did not…but now I do.

Part of a Buck Wagon

An Acasia tree hiding yet another wagon

There are several well restored wagons and tools to be found here.
Well worth a visit

There are old decorative pieces scattered around the property.
This milk urn is one of those

The guest lounge and working fireplace.

Almost time to “hit-the-road”…

Watching the sunset before going to dinner

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