Yellowwood, Howick


Recently I attended a photographic workshop in Howick, KZN.
As part of the Midlands Meander, this heritage rich town has a lot to offer tourists.
both local and International.
The course was held at Fairfell Farm, built in 1870,
now home to Yellowwood Cafe and Restaurant.
The current owners bought the property in 2003.
This is the resident cat…

From the inside looking out.
This is the view that owner Sandra has from her office.

And from the outside looking in…
The family live in the house, so the rooms are all practical.

I somehow think that this is more decorative than functional,
but I might be wrong.
What it did offer was a photographic opportunity.

As did the plethora of flowers…
and the insects.

We have similar flowers in our garden back home.

And I found this one floating in one of the water features.

Yellowwood is home to a variety of miniature animals…

A pygmy goat.

And a brand new baby donkey that was born the morning that we arrived.
Named Oreo, it was the subject of more lenses that it knew how to deal with.
I believe that one image from that shoot(taken by Don),
will feature in a local newspaper.

There is a children’s playground.
And paintball for the adults!
There are also mountain bike trails that seem to be very popular currently

Not exactly built for climbing,
it did allow me to test my wide angle lens.

The area outside the conference venue was filled with a variety of butterflies

This is where the “magic” happened with Roger and Pat de la Harpe.

And we were able to get images like these…

Each bin is for a different product to be recycled.

There is a magic little “fairy garden” with some interesting inhabitants.

I don’t think that “regular” guests would wander here.
For the participants on the photo workshop,
they offered all sorts of nooks and crannies to capture

The menu uses locally produced goods where possible.
We had breakfast here during the course
and I can attest to the excellence of the food.

Pop in next time you are in Howick…
You won’t be dissapointed.

It was here that Roger and Pat de la Harpe
based their photo workshop weekend.
To find out more about the courses on offer,
visit their website and subscribe to the newsletter.
To marvel at the work they produce,

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