I spend a night alone under the stars…TinyeletiTree House at Narina Lodge, Lion Sands, Kruger National Park


If you are staying at either Narina or Tinga,
you are able to book a night in this tree house.
The word Tinyeleti means “Many stars” and I certainly got to experience them

Open to the sky, except for the mozzie net,
it is an ideal spot for a romantic evening.
In 2013, my wife and I spent the evening here,
with the wind howling around us…

On this trip I was here alone as my wife was not on this assignment with me.
The other guests on the vehicle had come to have a look,
and now they were departing…
leaving me to enjoy the solitude

I watch the sun starting its downward spiral into the west.

A table set for two…
but only one for dinner.

The huge and comfy bed…

My view over the river and if you look closely,
you can see the elephants

There is cold running water as well as a chemical toilet.
No shower or bath facilities.
And no Internet!(which is a good thing)

There was a herd of Elephants playing below me.

Although I could hear the Hippo in the river,
Try as I might I could not find them.
I spotted this particular one earlier in the day

Night approaches

No electricity, but more than enough lanterns to keep the space well lit

Tinyeleti comes alive in the dark

I found that a colony of ants had discovered my dinner before I was able to enjoy it.
Luckily Joe, our ranger, radioed the lodge and a replacement was delivered.
This is the staff leaving after dropping of my meal

Good morning world!

The attention to detail that I found in the lodge,
extended to the tree house as well.
This box contained sugar etc, and was not infiltrated by the ants.

I really liked this kist.
The old wood and rusted fittings gave it a wonderful warm look

If it was any smaller, it might have fitted into my suitcase.
Note to management…it is STILL there.

After a restful night, I await the arrival of the vehicle
to take me on a morning game drive

And here they are!
I have been told that some guests are not able to stay the whole night
as the “bush noises” are foreign and often make them feel uncomfortable.
There is a radio left in the tree house for just such an emergency.
A call will have a ranger dispatched to come and collect the guests
as the lodge is only a few minutes away
To find out more about Tinyeleti,
or, to find out about their other properties,
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