Yesterdays Heroes…have found a home in Linden.


I enjoy wandering through antique shops.
And this is one of my regular haunts.
Terry Dunne seems to specialize in clocks, paintings
and window mannequins!

Down at the lower end of 4th Avenue,
this shop is a must for “pickers”…

One day I will ask him why he only has FEMALE models.
Most of which seem to be missing a limb, or two

These are used for shoe repair,
but I have never seen them in neon colours.
Even the old-fashioned flat iron has been painted to match

I remember using one of these to melt solder
back when I was an apprentice electrician.
Now, they are used for decoration

Suitcases, always a good sell, a wash basin and jug…
AND another window mannequin.

A better Singer than Justin Bieber.

I used to have two of these ship’s lamps.
But like a lot of my stuff, they seem to have gone missing during a move

Yet ANOTHER clock…
and lying partially hidden on the left
a copy of one of the most famous Trechikoff paintings,
The Green Lady ( a.k.a The Chinese Lady)
Unfortunately, not an original or a signed print

I love the smell and feel of REAL books.
A dying resource as more and more readers are buying e-books

Can you identify this?
The answer at the bottom of this posting…

A double amputee…
The “stars” are mine.
No nudity on this family Blog.

So much to look through…

More clocks…
And a woman in uniform in the corner,
minus arms.

I wonder how many bums this bedpan has seen?
Now, it would make a great planter for flowers or succulents

I am almost certain that Linden residents don’t need tractor tyres.
But, then again, you never know.

Repairs/restorations are done on the premises…

Each piece has a story.
This stove was recent addition to the shop and
now Terry has to figure out how to put it all together.

This was bought in Pretoria and then brought back to Johannesburg.
Doing an early Spring clean?
Take YOUR “yesterdays heroes” into Terry.
Contact details: 011 888 6391
or Mobile: 083 297 5515
The answer to the question I posed earlier…
A device for removing pips from cherries!
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