The great toilet paper debate rolls on

When you travel  extensively,as I do,
the quality of toilet paper can become an issue.
Like my pillow which travels with me,
should I now add a roll of my favourite two ply as well?

With that in mind,
I recently posed this question:
“Should graded establishments be required to use double ply toilet paper”?
This came to my attention when I discovered single ply in a public toilet
at a venue I was staying in
These were some of the comments I received via my Facebook page.
My responses are in italics

But first…a history lesson.
The commonly held belief that Thomas Crapper
“invented” the flush toilet is incorrect.
He did invent the floating ballcock in 1898.
Simon:  2 ply…3 ply….you in the South clearly have not been experiencing the Cameron Regeneration Austerity Package or 
CRAP for short…here we use whatever is at hand, The Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph

Me:…Thank you for the international angle  After SONA recently we might not even have toilet paper..
Alan S: 3ply is a constitutional right. Excuse me, David, but…. (Or should that be butt?)


Me: Thanks Alan. I believe that it IS my constitutional right. 
But then again our rights are in the toilet. 
Cathie: Are you also debating ‘crush vs fold’?
Me: For the purposes of this forum, we are sticking to 1 v 2 ply Cathie.
The other option opens a whole different can of worms…so to speak.
Renchia:  Don’t worry David I work for a toilet paper manufacturing company in Nelspruit…
 I will courier you some… please let me have your preference… 
2 ply Silky Soft, 1 ply Silky Soft, Premium Delux Soft Virgin, 
Recycled paper, Semi-Rejects or zimply just cheap recycled rejects…

Me: Thanks Renchia…could I have one of each for research purposes?
Elaine: Wringing my hands. Oh these 1st world conundrums!
 (Seen a few glorious pit loos on the road.)
Me: Me too Elaine…especially on Kilimanjaro. 
On my two trips to the summit, I carried my OWN 2 ply! 



    Me: I agree!
  • Nicky: ANY HOTEL SHOULD HAVE 2 PLY !!!!!
  • Me: Nicky, not any hotel…every hotel. Local and International.
  • But they should NOT have one of these in their toilets.
  • Pam: Check out British Airways First Class toilets. Believe it or not 1 ply!
  • Me: Pam, next time I fly BA First Class I will investigate.
  • Anthony: Is this the right forum for matters of a personal nature? Just asking.
  • Me: Yes it is Anthony…my posting, my rules.
  • David S: Life is too short for single-ply.(and it,s false economy).
  • Me: True enough. Single ply gets used up TWICE as fast.
  • Sharon: Yes.
  • Me: Short, sharp and to the point Sharon
  • Boo: Without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Me: Boo, there was NEVER any doubt in MY mind.
  • Mandy:  Most definitely!
  • Me: Mandy, I thought the Mos Def was a rap singer. 
  • Unfortunately we are not discussing music here.
  • Athele: That’s not a real question is it?
  • Me: Of course it is Athele
  • Moira: 3 Stars and upwards should have.
  • Me: I don’t want to let the 1 and 2 star establishments off the hook Moira. 
  • Make 2 ply the standard!
  • Shelly: I changed from 2 ply to 1 ply after my plumber said it’s more prone to blocking…… okay we do have large trees and a root problem on an aging line. 
  • But there may be truth in it.
  • Me: Shelly, plumbers are just looking for work. Exercise YOUR right to use 2ply.
  • However, I am not referring to home use.
  • Drienie:  2 Ply David, unless you wanna make a hole through one block and then use the bidet, nail scrubbing brush… 
  • Me: Drienie, I am scared to answer your statement.
  • Bridge H:  in short YES!! If it is 3*** and above there are other requirements that range from 300-600 thread count per cal linen, slippers and gowns, block out curtains the size of the fridge and refreshment station in the room, telephone in room , towels and amenities … 
  • But to answer your question any graded establishment using 1 ply BOG ROLL for its guests should be reported to the NAA
  • Me: Finally, a serious answer…
  • Val: Only 2 ply! I insist
  • Me: Val, we should all insist on 2 ply!
  • Samantha: Oh God yeah!!!!
  • Me: Sam, Would HE demand 2 ply? I think he would.
  • Peter: Get in touch with your inner self. Use 1 ply bogroll.
    • Me: Sorry Peter, I have standards.
  • Brooks: Minimum is two. Three, scented is much better
  • Me: Brooks, this puts you in the 1% of the VERY privileged. 
  • You should not even be responding to this.
  • Jonathan: If it is only 1- ply, they will at least have a spare – you can unroll them both, put them together and make 2-ply
  • Me: Jonathan, that is WAY TOO MUCH work. 
  • See Cathie’s comment re crush v fold. 
  • Douglas: The stuff does fold!
  • Me: Douglas, this we understand…but that is not the point.
  • Pierre: Only The Argentinean has 2 Ply toilet paper
  • Me: Pierre, where do I send the invoice for advertising YOUR establishment?
  • The one that serves the best chocolate croissants west of Jan Smuts Avenue…
  • AND has 2ply toilet paper.
  • John:Ah just checking…you sure it was toilet paper Mate???
  • Me: John, on some deep psychological level, probably not
And the next logical debate…
Over or under?

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