Mobile images. More from my phone archive.

Why do people constantly take pictures of the food they eat?
As a travel writer, meals usually form part of a story I am writing.
What did “regular” folk do before cellphones?
I found LOTS of food amongst the images saved on MY phone.
Some good, some bad…and some that I should never have ordered.
I occasionally work on TV productions.
This choreographer is well known in Johannesburg.
Those who know him will recognize his silhouette
“Stoney faced” or “Hard body”…
Either could work for this statue in a Johannesburg suburb
The Pudding Shop.
Not the one in Johannesburg…
This is THE “original”in Istanbul.
A meal that I enjoyed in Athens,
the restuarant was suggested by John, a friend in Johannesburg.
Via the miracle of modern technology,
I was able to send him this while enjoying the food.
The BEST croissants west of Jan Smuts Ave, Johannesburg
The public toilet of a hotel that I stayed at during a trip to Ireland
And the view from the front door of the same hotel.
There are, of course, the ubiquitous “selfies”.
This is probably my favourite
My copy editor…
One of my favourite travel images.
It has been copied by other travelers to Cape Town
For my daughter’s 30th birthday we climbed Lions Head.
And almost made it to the top.
Guard cat…making sure that I have arrived home safely.
More to the point, why am I still in the car
and not playing with him.
Hare today…
Gone tomorrow…
My travelling companions.
My favourite piece of luggage…EVER!
A Maribou Stork…on a rubbish tip.
Outside our hotel in Moshi, Tanzania.
From the same hotel, looking in a different direction.
Unlike my Lions Head attempt, this time I made it to the summit.
The cold Atlantic waters of the Cape Town coast.
Every place that I visit,
I leave part of me behind.
I discovered this” heart” on the harbour wall in Kalk Bay.
One of my favourite Cape spots.
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