From my travel vault…

How many of us use our mobile phones as cameras?
More importantly, do you know what images 
are currently stored on your device?
I found these on MY phone…

This could be anywhere in Europe…or any other international city.
It is Sandton, Johannesburg.
Seen from the balcony of the Sandton Convention Centre

My daughter, Jayne, acting her heart out
in a scene from an episode of Top Billing.
Did I believe that she was “calling her father”?
Of course I did…her acting is THAT good

21km of unspoiled beach on the Indian Ocean seaboard.

The radio station that I was working at several years ago,
mislabeled this song on their playlist computer.
My cartoonist father-in-law, Dov Fedler
turned it into THIS…which proudly hangs on my study wall

Linden, our suburb, in the fading evening light.

The power of nature.
A flash flood at Lake Heritage in Muldersdrift

The public toilets at the Union Buildings in Pretoria

A cloudy morning sky in Pretoria

Hot air balloons about to take off in Muldersdrift

One of the ceramic pieces that my wife makes

My Mom seems to have kept this from the ’60’s!
I wonder if this brand is still manufactured?

Spioenkop in KZN.

Nightfall in the same area.

One of several dams that we visited during a road trip

The birdcage outside our front door
casts a “heart-like” shadow

An optical illusion at a local art gallery.
This walkway is smooth.

The roots of all evil?
Not really, just a tree clinging to a wall in Durban

A dawn chorus…
A gathering of Hadeda Ibis on our roof.

Storm clouds gather…
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