An evening with Dov Fedler…


Internationally recognized Dov Fedler holding BOOK NUMBER 1!
Hot off the presses.
30 years in the making, so a BIG moment.
A note to potential readers…
This is NOT a book of cartoons, but a book about a cartoonist.
(There is only one cartoon in the book)
Sunset from the balcony of the hotel where we enjoyed
“An Evening with Dov Fedler”…
I am certain that Dov will need to rest his hand tomorrow…
Not only did he sign each book,
but his “poster boy” was included.
Well known South African folk duo,
Des and Dawn, who feature in the book.
The editor of the Saturday Star, Cecelia Russel
was tasked with opening the evenings proceedings.
(Editor of the Star, Kevin Ritchie was out of town
and therefore not able to attend)
My father-in-law takes centre stage.
“Hello…and welcome to an evening with Dov Fedler”…
I believe that Dov taught Richard Nixon to do this…
Or perhaps it was the other way around?
Carolyn, my wife (and Dov’s eldest daughter) listens to her dad.
I started following Dov’s career in 1979 and I have always wanted one of his originals.
Not only is our home full of his art wort and cartoons,
but his daughter and I have been together for 11 years.
There were a few “serious” moments…
but not many.
THIS is the face that we all know and love…
Dov’s sister Rae and her son Ian.
Dov’s brother lives in the USA and was unable to attend.
My mom-in-law, Dorrine.
And who, despite her protestations, IS photogenic.
I want to tell you a story.
Debbie, Dov’s long standing business partner.
This was the general response of the audience…
Dov has a rather wicked sense of humour and it comes across in the book
as well as in his presentation.
Dov, together with Tracey McDonald (his publisher)
and long time friend and mentor David Williams.
A wonderful evening enjoyed by all who attended.
Listen to some of Dov’s interviews…
Dov with Sue Grant-Marshall  on  Radio Today
Have a look at the video that was shot at his house.
Listen to the interview with Gareth Cliff.

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