A view from a hill…Johannesburg tourism dinner


No matter how much I complain about the city that I live in,
the more I discover about it,
the more I have learned to love it.
Warts and all…
Congratulations are in order.
Joburg has been voted the most visited city in Africa for the 2nd year running
( Mastercard Index, 2014)
We have the BEST weather.
We might not have “mountain-and-water”,
but we have great cloud formations.

Is it really?
And who are we comparing ourselves to?
More importantly, why do we compare ourselves.
We are what we are…and we should be proud of that.

The Sentech tower,
one of the iconic landmarks of Johannesburg

Some of the American visitors being photographed by local media

The Protea is not our national flower.
Perhaps it should be?

One of the regular contributors to my “Travel & Things” radio show.
Johannesburg “tourist” extraordinaire, Marie-Lais Emond.
She tends to delve into the underbelly of this city,
and is able to find the most interesting places.

Looking westward…
This is the Westcliff Hotel.

The night skies…

This building is one of the original Rand lord buildings.
Johannesburg Tourism held their dinner here
for the tour operators from the USA

The entrance hall…

The decor at this venue is very masculine.
It reminded me of the Rand Club.
I imagine that back in the day,
both were bastions of a male dominated society.

Let the eating begin…
Beef carpaccio

Lumka, from Johannesburg Tourism, was the MC for the evening.
She conducted the event really well and kept things tight and on time.

Mario Nicholas.
Based in NYC, this is what he had to say about this trip:

Cool sax music to “serenade” guests while we were eating
This is the type of music he was playing:

And speaking of eating…
Mains were a choice of lamb or chicken.
Guess which one I chose.

On the outside looking in.

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo”
“Standing down here taking your picture”!

I met the publisher and editor of this helpful guide.
Laurice Taitz.
Find out more on: www.johannesburg.inyourpocket.com

Contact details for Joburg Tourism:

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