A Sunday afternoon posting

It is a quiet Sunday afternoon here in Johannesburg.
Yes, we currently have power but I can hear the water feature in our garden
and the tap, tap, tap of a Crested Barbet making a home in a nesting log
just outside my study window.
I have been cleaning up some of my image files,
and in the process I found these that I thought that I would share.
Hopefully they will inspire you to book some time off and travel.
A Sacred Ibis about to take off.

Moving water moves me…

Why is it that women have to kiss frogs to find a Prince?
Does it work for men as well?
FYI, I did not try to kiss this one

The beauty of a Dragonfly in the afternoon sun
Dragonflies live in the moment and
perhaps we can learn that from them?

A perfect African sunset

And the same can be said for the sunrise

This image was NOT photo-shopped.
I was in the right place at the right time.

I do enjoy watching Zebra…

“Together we have three directions covered”

The sharp end of a pachyderm.

My favourite elephant picture.
Again, as with most wild-life images,
it was a case of right place, right time.

We were the first guests to see this mom and cub in 2013.
Today, the youngster has grown up and have a territory of her own

If there is not much to see,
then sitting in front of this bush TV
is a great way to end off your day

Early morning and the mist offers spectacular colours

Howick Falls. Situated in KZN, Howick is the only South African town
to have a waterfall in its centre


Or beach…

Or a Fjord in New Zealand.
I do enjoy visiting them all

Have to end of with our cats…
This is what happens when my boy gets stuck into the catnip!

And she just wants to be left alone.
Catnip does NOT turn her on.
Rubbing her sides does
Have a great week everyone…
Make it count.
To quote ” Your answers questioned”…by OSHO
Forget all about figuring out what it is.
Rather, live it; rather,enjoy it!
Don’t analyze it celebrate it“.


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