A final look at Amanzi Private Game Reserve, Brandfort.


A final look at my stay at Amanzi Private Game Reserve.
Although this might look like a mirror,
it is, in fact, windows in the Mountain Chalet I stayed in
I wish I had this view from out lounge back in Johannesburg
All the men looking at this image would be asking the same question,
“Doesn’t that hurt”?

This Meekat is not being a snob,
merely looking upwards to where their major predator comes from

Too hot to move…

“I have JUST had my nails done”

A rainstorm off in the distance.

The skies during the day and night are truly spectacular.
Unfortunately, I forgot my tripod at home,
and trying to handhold a camera for extended exposures was not an option

Game drive time…

Waterbuck always look as if they have been sitting
on a freshly painted toilet seat.
The “target” is actually a “follow-me” marking.

All the Bokke in a row.
Springbok, Blesbok( both white and regular)
Blesbok are very skittish and will stampede at the drop of a hat.

If only the rain would come

I wonder if this Zebra has spotted…


Sunset 1


On the outside looking in

“Time to wake up”…

About to take off.

Just before I left to drive back to Johannesburg,
I was able to spend some time with Lynxie,
this small female Caracal. She was a pleasure to interact with.
And she purrs…
To find out more about the reserve and what it offers,
visit their website:

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