My Mosetlha Bush Camp trip.


Ari is my “new found” cousin (on my wife’s side) from the USA.
I was playing tour guide/ driver for him and his family.
He was very focused on what was in front of his lens
This lion was equally focused on Ari!

Alright…it had to be written…
“What is this”…
A Zebra crossing!

Why is this fellow lying in the road?

This was the reason…
A Flap-necked Chameleon

Time to hitch a ride.
Baboons and Impala often form symbiotic relationships

Up close and personal…
An African Elephant on the side of the road

NOT an Elephant…
But on the side of the road…
A Monitor Lizard.

Mom and young Zebra.
One of the most photogenic animals in the bush,
in my opinion

Too much to drink?
“I’m faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalling”!
This Yellow-billed Hornbill seemed to have lost control of its take off.

There is something visceral about following a lion.
Could it be the possibility that a meal could be around the corner?

Feline foreplay…
It lasts longer than the actual mating!
But then the lion will repeats the act every 20 minutes over several days.
Respect the stamina

A man has to do what a man has to do.
As long as it is far away from the vehicle

Nice weather…

This is a pair Yellow-billed Ducks of at Tlou Dam

And running along the waters edge…
this solitary Three-banded Plover

If you eat too much of this…

Then exercise is a requirement.

As the sun sets over Madikwe…

Guests can warm themselves around this “bush tv”

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