Mosethla Bush camp…my final 2014 travel destination and first 2015 posting!

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Welcome to a brand new year.
May it be filled with whatever YOU wish for…
I had a great ending to 2014, and here are some pictures to prove that.
My new found cousins(and Kgomotso) jumping for joy in Madikwe.
Early morning coffee stop…obviously they liked the coffee!

I believe that the rusks were a huge hit with the Americans.
Not something that they get in the good ‘ole US of A

Colours in the bush seem to be more intense

Now I know what lies at the end of a rainbow…
A Cheetah.

Nothing like an African sunset.

This millipede is known as a Shongalolo…
Touch them and they curl up into a spiral.

Time to get a little mud on the tyres.
This picture reminded me of a song by Florida Georgia Line,
titled “Dirt”,take a listen…

If you look carefully, you can see that I photo-bombed this picture

One of my favourite views of the camp.

Manager Gregg showing Fiona the spectacular “griddle” breakfast.
On of two signature dishes on the Mosethla menu.
The other is a Peppermint Crisp and caramel dessert.

An Elegant Grasshopper in an inelegant position

And then the rains came.
45 minutes of a torrential downpour.

Our final game drive started of in an “interesting” fashion.
This is Johnny’s vehicle making a 180 turn at speed…
Why, I hear you ask…
What would make the usually placid and calm ranger subject his guests to this…

This particular elephant is known to have a really BAD attitude.
Johnny was first out of the camp and literally bumped into her
and some calves on the access road.
She was in no mood to be accommodating and let him through.
In fact she chased him(and by extension us, as we where behind)
all the way back to the entrance of the camp!

She only stopped when Kgomotso put up the electric fence.
AND she had to get out of the vehicle to to do.
Calm in the face of danger…
Not easy when something this size is coming at you.

And the smile is back…
Post the incident and Johnny is his usual face on!
A big smile…
Well done to both rangers for handling a tough situation really well

“Who needs a waterhole when I can drink off the road”?

A Flap-necked Chameleon…
A rare sighting indeed.

A final sunset…

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