My Insight Vacations Iberian trip 2014. A last look.

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As a photographer/Blogger it is almost impossible for me NOT to take pictures.
I sometimes wish that I could do a trip without taking an image.
But that is NOT going to happen anytime soon,
so enjoy one last posting from my recent trip to Portugal and Spain.
From my hotel window in Lisbon.
If the bridge looks familiar, it should…
It was designed by the same people that did the Golden Gate Bridge.
Lisbon by night.
The traffic is chaotic, and even a short trip around the block can take a while
Lisbon is full of statues, with and without fountains.
This one had a working fountain AND flower sellers
The “thorn” amongst the “roses” is the CEO of Insight Vacations!
Lucky fellow…
What DID we do before someone “invented” the selfie.
Or is this a groupie?
This spectacular fountain in Lisbon worked intermittently
while we were in the area
Balconies abound.
In both Spain and Portugal
As to churches and cathedrals…
Birdlife, not so much.
Although I heard birds, I only ever saw a few…
and those were mainly sea birds.
My traveling companions, taking a break.
I have always wanted one of these.
Unfortunately, this one was not for sale
Although I was there in winter, there was still some colour to be found
If you eat NOTHING else while you are in Lisbon,
you HAVE to have (more than) one of these egg-custard tarts.
Known locally as pastel de nata , and according to the local folk legend,
 only 8 men have the recipe!
Once you have tasted the “original recipe”
all the others that you have will pale into insignificance.
Find time to visit the “home” of this creamy delight,
Antiga Confeitaria de Belem.
You will NOT be dissapointed.
Ceramic tiles are a signature decor design of both countries.
They come in many different patterns, designs and colours.
And while we were enjoying our trip,
life was going on around us.
If you thought that all ham was the same…then you are mistaken.
Our short stop here turned out to be longer than expected,
however it was totally worth the time.
You HAVE to sample the products made by Eiriz Hams.
They have been breeding acorn fed pork for 200 years!
One of the few dogs that I saw on our trip
Santa Cruz, Seville in the late afternoon sun.
Seeing there were orange trees everywhere,
I have no idea why we never tried one.
Car v Scooter?
And the scooters win.
The Seville Bull Ring is the building at the end of this street,
One of my favourite places on our tour.
This Aqueduct runs for many kilometers through the town
and through the grounds of our hotel.
Luckily it did not run through our coach…
My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the “travelling heart” from my daughter…
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