Mosethla Bush Camp…A great way to end 2014


An unexpected offer took me back to my favourite game reserve,
And my best Eco-camp…Mosetlha Bush Camp.
What a great way to end off 2014!

“Come and get the dust of Africa on your feet”
Or, on this trip…the mud. We had rain storms every day
Even though it was warm,  a “bush tv” is always welcome.
Fire still attracts us as it did our ancestors thousands of years ago

The accommodation…

A year after their devastating fire, the camp is back to its full glory.
And the rains have helped to get the vegetation looking spectacular

These are to be found all over the reserve currently.
Adding a splash of colour to the abundance of green

The “new” dining-room table.
One day a book is written about the camp,
the story of how this table was transported to the camp will be included.

The lounge area…

Some new soft furnishings?
With the inclement weather, this area was well utilized by the guests.
Seeing that there is no electricity,
reading, writing and communicating is the order of the day

And…of course…eating!

Salads and vegetarian options are available at every meal

And almost every sauce you can think of…

The staff have their work cut out constantly setting the table…
But they do so with a smile

This area was constantly utilized by the guests.
The rusks that are “hiding” in the jar with the green lid were a hit with everyone

Insects 101…
This is an Elegant Grasshopper and not a locust(my first guess)

Looking almost prehistoric…
A pair of Skinks

The camp has two of the BEST and most long serving guides.
Kgomotso…who is a pleasure to be with.
Always a smile…

Which I think she “inherited” from head guide Johnny.
He may be the quietest guide I have every driven with,
but he comes up with the most incredible sightings…time after time!

Power in the sunset.

Time for bed…
We have to be up early for our morning game drive.
A new addition since my last visit…solar lamps above the beds.
The reason for the different pillow slips…
I travel with my own pillow

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