Magic moments from my Insight Vacations trip to Portugal & Spain.

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It is said that “A picture is worth 1000 words”…
The average novel is 80000 words…
This posting has 20 images, or about 20000 words.
So basically, I have saved you reading a quarter of a book
These are some of the “behind-the-tourist-attraction” images,
and in taking them, made my trip so much more memorable
The view from my hotel room in Lisbon…
not Brazil.
Right place, right time.
I manage to capture an inbound flight between the buildings of Lisbon
From the Catedral De Cordoba.
This place is almost impossible to photograph
But the devil is in the detail…
or perhaps that is an incorrect analogy?
This portion of a statue in La Catedral De Cordoba,
reminded me of Oliver Twist…
“Please Sir, I want some more”!
Beggars seem to frequent the areas around places of religion.
Do they make more money there, I wonder
One of the 11 Mills that can be found along the river
that separates Old and New Cordoba
Art supplies…
Reflections in the brass.
Pebbles and moss in the courtyard.
Too cold for ice-cream…
Going with the flow…
Due to the composition of our tour group,
many, many food photographs were taken.
I chose this one to represent some of the ingredients.
For some reason, this old man reminded me of Charlie Chaplin
Although most of the streets that I walked through in Cordoba were full of tourists,
this one only had this one pedestrian.
Horse power.
And his driver.
Evora in the early morning light
One boy and his dog…
“Bride of Chucky”?
With all the brass work on a variety of church doors,
could I be forgiven for singing this song…
Bob Dylan, “Knocking on Heavens door”
My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the “travelling heart” from my daughter…
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