Its NOT a bus…I get “coached” in the correct terminology.

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The dictionary defines a bus as follows:
“A large motor vehicle, having a long body, equipped with seats or benches for passengers, 
usually operating as part of a scheduled service”
It can also be ” a low, movable filing cabinet”.
They have straps for standing passengers and have no facilities on board
as they are usually used for short journeys within a city or town
Click on the link below to hear the song…
and once  you have THIS in your head,
please substitute “COACH” for “BUS“…
By comparison, a COACH is defined as:
“A vehicle to transport passengers for significant periods of time
on long journeys and are therefore designed for comfort”.
They have tray tables, with cup holders that work!
I wonder why airlines have not thought of this neat gadget.
Storage space that you can see into…so you don’t leave anything behind.
Individual controls for lights and air-con.
The red button in the panel had a cocktail glass on it.
No-one had the courage(on our trip) to see what happened if you pushed it
There is also an on board entertainment system,
offering a TV and music. The former was used for the safety briefing,
the latter for quiet background music on the longer legs of our journey
Hand holds, just in case.
The coach does have individual safety belts
And adjustable footrests.
Having just flown to Lisbon in business class,
I can attest to the fact that the legroom on the coach
lived up to its publicity
Overhead storage space for hand luggage
And a reduced number of seats on the Insight Vacations coaches,
set them apart from the rest.
Some of the comforts of home…
There is an toilet…but for emergency use only.
The coach did make “restroom” stops along the way
And you HAVE to have a great driver.
Insight Vacations has been using Helder for a decade.
He MUST be doing something right.
The “business end” of the coach
What is inside the blue box?
These were.
Commonly known as “Whispers”,
they were a boon while walking around with our various city experts
Taking pictures through a coach window takes a bit of practice.
But being above the level of the “regular” traffic is a bonus.
And the tinted windows add an element to the images
Did I mention being above the traffic gets you “those” shots?
It might look as if our tour director/concierge, Toni used the coach rides to relax.
In fact, it was quite the opposite, he spent the time on his phone,
making certain that where we were headed was ready for us.
Being on the coach was like being on a luxury sea liner…
except on dry land.
A great way to see cities and towns…
and YOU don’t have to worry about looking for parking.
My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the “travelling heart” from my daughter…
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