Flab to fab? You can reinvent yourself



This is my story and what worked for me.
If YOU are in doubt, 
PLEASE visit your Doctor before embarking on any eating/exercise plan
This was me in 2012…
No wonder I look so frightened!
But like most “overweight” people, I denied the fact…
Until I saw this picture.
I might have been smiling but I was NOT happy.
“Inside every fat person, is a thin one trying to get out”?
The fat person has eaten the thin one.
And our modern lifestyle is to blame.
No time to cook(properly) or to exercise.
In my case, specifically the latter.
And one of the biggest culprits?
Empty carbs.
Sandwiches were my default food choice.
Actually ANY bread product would do…
I had a good laugh when people queued for hours
 to get a burger at a Burger franchise when it recently opened in Johannesburg.
Rubbish on a bun, but the lemmings queued…
and were eventually rewarded,
with cholesterol under tomato and lettuce…
and cheese and bacon!
How the medical fraternity rejoiced.
So what got me from fat and lazy to fit and “fabulous”?
Bloody hard work.
Why did I do it?
After my annual medical in November 2013, some unwanted anomalies showed up.
Specifically with sugar levels that made both my wife (a Dr), my mom-in-law ( also a Dr.)
and my physician concerned.
Over the years I have lost and gained weight
due to my “all-or-nothing” type diet/exercise regimes.
However, now that I am 61, with less years ahead of me than behind,
any changes need to be permanent.
So how did I do it?
I decided that I had to commit totally or not at all.
I know that past experience has taught me that 21 days is required
 to set a habit, good or bad.
If you slip on any day, you go back to Day 1.
Not unlike any 12-step program.
And eating, especially bad eating habits are an addiction.
My biggest problem was and still is chocolate.
I had been “clean” for 17 years and then in 2007 went off to work overseas
where I “fell off the chocolate wagon.”
It took me almost 2 years to get back to being clean…
 In December, 2013,I approached a nutritionist for a proper eating plan.
One that would allow me to “cheat” if necessary,
but at the same time it would give me measurable goals.
I used Jade Campbell from Nutritional Solutions
We had met on a TV shoot that features weight loss and diabetes.
I think not!
The eating plan was relatively simple:
No sugar. This was a problem for me as I like sugar on my cereal.
But I learned that many cereals contain sugar, so no extra is required.
 No carbs at night. This can also be difficult…especially if you like potatoes,
however smaller portions can accommodate that craving.
I cut out/reduced my red meat intake.
I substituted with Venison or Ostrich
Lots of vegetables…ALL COLOURS
Lots of fish and chicken.
And I had to keep a logbook of what I ate.
The truth can hurt…
The first 21 days are always the worst as your mind and body adjusts.
But persevere…the results are REALLY worth it.
A tip: Use your side plate for your main meal and you dinner plate for salad and veg.

My commitment was first tested early in 2014, when I was on a week long TV shoot.
 Eating catered meals on set and guest house food…
and the result?
NO weight gain AND I lost some body fat…so it can be done.
How did I manage to achieve this?
I was able to run almost every day and that helped!
It did mean eating carefully as there was red meat with every meal.
I limited my red meat portions to small quantities.
There was chicken on offer as well as pasta,
which allowed me some choice
Another test came in June, 2014 when my wife and I went on an 11 day cruise.
Traditionally people gain at least 4kg on a cruise of this length.
I intended to maintain the weight I was when I got on board ship
And I did!
Modern cruise ships have well equipped gyms and I trained every day.
The result was that I came back at the same weight I was on departure.
This is me on 28/03/2014
Changing your eating habits might not give you the weight loss that you require.
But add in exercise, and that changes.
I KNOW that men and women lose weight at different rates.
In my case running has always helped.
As not everyone likes to run,any form of cardio exercise can benefit
I started slowly…a few km’s of running and walking at a time.
I am now running in excess of 6-8km a day, with a longer run midweek (10km+)
On the weekend, I try to do 15-20+km.
Gym has become a friend.
I do at least three sessions a week.
I tend to use the machines as I am not looking to build muscle.
In total about an hour, which I like to do in the early morning.
Currently the gym training is focused on core to help with the running.
I have also added super circuit, only the upper body machines,
and tummy exercises  three times a week.
This helped for my Kilimanjaro Challenge in October 2014.
On 10/10/2014,
I successfully stood at the top of Kilimanjaro for the second time.
A year ago, I would not have believed this to be possible.
I have already been asked if I will return for a third time…
Anything is POSSIBLE!

I am currently on a maintenance eating plan that allows me extra portions.
But I am sticking to the original plan…with some tweaks.
More importantly, it is NOT about deprivation which often leads to binge eating.
If I want a slice of cheesecake, I will indulge.
HOWEVER,there is a trade off…I have give up a carb or two.
It is all about moderation…in all things
Your body will tell you if it needs a rest day. LISTEN!
Limit the rest days…otherwise old habits emerge very quickly!
The image on the left was taken in December 2013,
the picture on the right is from October 2014!
I have been on several trips during the course of 2014,
and on each occasion have come home without gaining any weight.
I do try to train while I am away,
and I now packing my running kit first.
If you want to find out more about my regime,
or to talk to your company or corporation in 2015.
email me: david.batzofin@gmail.comHealthy staff makes for a motivated work force.
The weight loss has also improved my self confidence.
And has a result I have returned to doing stand-up comedy,
in front of a paying audience and not as a TV warm up artist.

So from fat to fab?

My wife thinks so…and so does my daughter.
And their opinions count!
I cannot wait to see the look on my physician’s face at our next appointment
This is for the rest of my life
For those who like stats, here are mine:
 Start weight: 97,5kg. Current weight: 79,6kg. 
This “goal post” has been moved, by me, more than once. 
Original Body fat: 30.4%, currently: 14%. 
More importantly I have dropped from a size 42 to a 32! 
Blood glucose, cholesterol and Blood pressure are all now in the “excellent” category!




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