We bid farewell to the island. Our flight home.


The brand new, well almost,
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Mauritius
We were able to check in at Premium Class…
Always a good way to start a flight

I say farewell to my suitcase…
See you in Johannesburg (and I did!)
On this trip, Carolyn and I shared this suitcase.
We were able to fit a week’s worth of clothing for two into it.
And it only weighed in at 21.4kg!

Walking through the “new” airport.
What a change since my last visit here in February, 2013

Who knew that Dodos played golf…

While waiting to board our plane,
we were given access to this new business class lounge.

Our plane awaits…

We flew home economy class…
not really a problem as the seating offered more legroom than usual

But the bonus for not being upgraded…
We were given an entire row to ourselves.

One our previous flight we were on the other side of the curtain.
Perhaps next time?

Time to say goodbye

Business class is orange,
and economy class blue.

Looking backwards…
Where we were seated was right at the toilets,
so not too far to walk.

The staff did not seem fazed by the screaming youngsters that were on board

Not much to do during the safety briefing

Everything is now done on the screen in front of each passenger

Despite all the advances in modern technology.
the cabin still has to be sprayed.

Airborne…and heading for Johannesburg…

OK, it might note be served on white linen,
however it did come with proper cutlery
and there was more than sufficient to eat

Sometimes I believe that my wife is truly blessed to be hearing impaired.
With her aids switched off, she was unable to hear the screaming kids two rows in front of us.
They screamed almost constantly throughout the flight.
It is not the duty of the cabin staff to fix the problem,
But it would be nice to have the parents apologize to the rest of their fellow travelers.
This happened on a flight I was on some years ago to Portugal.
The child got on screaming and the father stood up, before we took off,
to say sorry in advance.
He got a round of applause, and everyone felt sorry for him.
I feel for parents, but that said, perhaps they should have brought medication…
for the rest of the passengers?
And PLEASE people, don’t wait until several rows around you
can smell the poo in your child’s nappy.
Be proactive! PLEASE

A big thank you to all the people I dealt with at this airline.
It was a pleasure to have flown with you.



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